G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with Charlie Sloth

G-You: How did you get into music/radio?

Carlie Sloth: Ehm, so, I’ve always been a massive music geek and radio geek. I started doing pirate radio in London when I was thirteen. Uhm, and then by the time I was sixteen I had seven different radio shows on seven different stations, on seven different days of the week. Then I just self-educated myself on all aspects of new media, so, taught myself how to produce, how to edit, how to use cameras. Uhm, started writing music, producing music, and yeah, it’s just gone from there.

41680081_683928475315951_1970033182925389824_nG-You: Who are your biggest influences?

CS: Musically?

G-You: Yeah

CS: Uhm, well my favourite artist of all time is Biggie Smalls. Then, my favourite DJs, broadcasters, who I took influence off growing up were Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood and Zayne Low.

G-You: Favourite Scottish artist?

CS:My favourite Scottish artist would probably be Madhat…Do you know who that is?

G-You: (collectively) No, is he on iTunes/Spotify, yea?

CS: Yeah, he is, Madhat McGore.

G-You: Does he have any particular tracks that you’re really into?

CS: No, not really. He’s just a dope artist.

G-You: If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

CS: Wow. That’s a good question. Ehm, Life After Death, Biggie.

G-You: Mine’s Daft Punk, Discovery. I really like them. Feels classic. That’s the first album I ever bought.

CS: Oh, wow, strong album.

G-You: What advice would you give to student DJs?

CS: Work hard, be comfortable with yourself, and believe in yourself. Don’t take no as an answer.

G-You: Are there any up and coming artists who you think are going to be huge in the next few years?

Yeah, uhm, there’s quite a few actually. I would say the one artist who’s going to make a massive impact in the next eight-teen months is Mulla Stackz. He’s sixteen and he’s ferocious.

G-You: Where’s he from?

CS: East London. 

G-You: What has been a favourite moment of your career?

CS: Uhm, I’d say one of the highlights of my career is getting the Saturday night rap show. It’s a radio show that I grew up listening to and is probably one of the most famous hip hop shows in the world. Like I said, Westwood was one of my idols growing up, someone I listened to and yeah, getting that show for me was massive.

G-You: When did you realise you’d made it big in music/when did your success hit you?

CS: I don’t know. I still don’t really feel like that, I don’t feel like I’ve made it or, you know? Obviously, I’ve got a great job and I’ve put myself in a great position in life, but I still feel like there’s so much more to do, and I still feel like I’m only at thirty-percent.

G-You: What has been your favourite live show?

CS: Favourite live show? Ah, this is hard, because I do a lot of live shows and I’ve played everywhere. Last year, I done 218 live shows alone. So, I think one that really sticks in my mind is Leeds 2015. I can’t remember who was on before me, but it was dead. There was like 10 people there, and obviously Leeds is huge; the stage I was playing was huge. So, it was like 5 minutes before I was meant to go on, and it was quite empty. I had a few important people coming to that show, because I assumed it would be busy, and it was dead. I had a few brand sponsors coming, a few other people that I was about to do other business with, and I was like, ‘this is bad, there’s no one here. I’m not going to go on, I can’t do it.’ Then, my agent went and checked the stage and then he comes back like ‘dude its full, people can’t get in’ and I was like ‘what do you mean its full? I was just outside, and it was empty.’ And I went out and it was full, and it just turned out to be a sick show, it was just so sick.

G-You: Is there anywhere in the world that you haven’t played yet that you really want to?

CS: Vegas. Yeah, that’s on my bucket list. That will happen in the next couple of years.

G-You: What would you like to be doing in ten years’ time? 

CS: Sitting on the beach, smoking shisha, and drinking exotic cocktails.

G-you: I’d just like to do that now, never mind ten years from now.
CS: Wish I could do that now, every day. That would be pretty sick.

G-You: If you could have pint with anyone famous in beer bar, who would it be?

CS: Hm…probably Rhianna.

G-You: Any particular reasons?CS: Just because I’d be hoping one drink would lead on to two.

G-You: I think all of us would be.

G-You: Similarly, in beer bar we have a juke box, where you get three songs on for £1. What three tracks do you put on to get the bar jumping?

CS: The first record would be House of Pain, Jump Around. Second record I’d put on, would be Biggie, Juicy. Then the third record that I’d put on would be Giggs Lock Doh.

G-You: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horsed or one horse sized duck?

CS: One horse sized duck.

G-You: Just hands down?

CS: Yeah, it’s one target.

G-You: Every single person we’ve asked this week has been like ‘oh I don’t fight anything,’ or ‘I need more information,’ but nope, you’re straight in.

CS: …It’s just one target.

G-You: But, saying that, one hundred duck sized horses, you could just boot them away.

CS: But, there’s a hundred of them. There’s a possibility you’re going to get caught up.

G-You: I feel like a beak that size though, would be pretty lethal.

CS: But you’ve got a big target to hit.

G-You: True!

-Lucy Donaldson, Catrin Stephen, Owain Campton

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