Why Queer Eye is the Programme we all NEED in our Lives

I’ll admit I’m late to the party but after finishing Season 2 of Queer Eye I can safely say it is the most life-affirming programme I’ve watched maybe ever.

Queer5 gay men assisting other men from all walks of life, in all aspects of life from fashion to grooming to interior design to food and wine. The Fab 5 – Bobby, Tan, Karamo, Jonathan and Antoni are real life angels. They spend a week with each man and help them take their lives from zero to hero real quick. Although this is far from a superficial makeover show – Queer Eye (and Karamo in particular) touches on subjects from racism to sexuality to religion and politics. It is a programme that wholeheartedly encourages men to defy toxic masculinity – whether that’s through getting a DIY facial scrub with Jonathan or simply creating a safe space for men to open up and express their feelings.

It is now perhaps more important than ever that we all watch Queer Eye – as the stigma against mental health seems to be being chipped away bit by bit and finally we seem to be coming to an acceptance that men and women alike have emotions and feelings they want to talk about. In the UK, men are three times more likely than women to take their own lives as there is an expectation for men to ‘get over it’ or ‘put on a brave face.’ Queer Eye proves (in almost every episode) that men cry and get upset and THAT’S OKAY. The unfaltering support Bobby, Antoni, Karamo, Tan and Jonathan show to each man on the show is what we all should aim to do with our friends, family and partners.

Queer Eye teaches us that life gets tough but by getting in touch with your emotions rather than burying them down and turning to loved ones (or anyone) for support, it all becomes more manageable. That is not to say we all need to have a DMC with every person we ever speak to rather, as Jonathan and Tan prove, insecurities can be replaced with self-confidence sometimes through simple things such as a new haircut, properly fitting clothes and self-love and care.

So next time you’re fed up of spending hours in the library or you’re feeling a bit down – get cosy with Netflix and watch an episode of Queer Eye. It will make you laugh, cry, smile and say ‘YAS QUEEN’ all in 45 minutes.

-Isabelle Thornton, Co. Editor-in-Chief

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