Street Watch: Glasgow Street Artist Teams with Radisson Hotel in Honour of Clutha Victims

This summer, iconic street artist Bobby McNamara- known as “Rogue One”- unveiled his latest piece, commemorating the 150 year anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s death. The project was commissioned by Radisson Hotels after the recent opening of their new hotel in Finnieston Quay, reportedly wanting to show their support for the local art scene. The mural is situated above the famous Clutha Bar, where 10 people tragically died in a helicopter crash which landed on the bar in 2013. In honour of the victims, Radisson Hotels also donated £1,000 to The Clutha Trust, a charity set up in memory of the 10 victims, which aims to promote local music and art, and help those who cannot easily access it.

Since the tragic accident in 2013, The Clutha has reopened with a force, holding a memorial concert on the first opening night. Other street masterpieces were commissioned for its opening in order to bring joy and life to such a tragic location. Rogue One and Danny McDermott, aka Glasgow street artist EJEK were commissioned to paint stunning murals immortalising famous characters and patrons of the Clutha; such as Billy Connolly, Frank Zappa and Woody Guthrie. The piece is a striking art work, spanning more than 50 metres.

Inside the bar- which is now situated in the old smoking area (the former bar area where the helicopter crashed remains closed) is a beautiful space filled with light, and was built to accommodate the trunk of a large oak tree which survived the crash. As well as being a fantastic sight to spot some iconic Glasgow street art, this collection of art is also a tasteful memorial to those that lost their lives.


Skye Brettell, Arts Editor

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