Student Artist Spotlight: Nessie Wise


“I started embroidering about five years ago following the discovery of a hoop and a bag of tangled threads in my house. Since then it’s become my favourite medium to work with as it is an incredibly freeing, expressive and forgiving medium to work with – there’s no such thing as an out of place stitch!”


“I especially love replicating famous artworks as embroidery is like painting with thread – each stitch is like a paintstroke, lending itself beautifully to the overall finish of the piece. Embroidery provides much needed respite from constant uni work and stress, hence why I’m always working on a project! I think at least every family member and friend has received something I’ve stitched by now!”


Like Nessie’s work? Give her a follow on Instagram, @_cross_stitch_bitch

-Nessie Wise, 4th year, History of Art

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