GUCFS: Pre-Ticket Press Release!

Through the past semester we have been bringing you information about the fashion event of the year. Now with GUCFS tickets on sale today have a look at what they have planned for the event!


“This year’s theme aims to deliver an immersive experience for guests, woven into every aspect from the moment they enter the venue until 2am. Some of our sponsors this year include Fisbay Flatiron, Ron de Jeremy, Dragon Soop, Fyne Ales and Red Bull. Our creative vision stems from a dystopian understanding of the world we live in, in line with our charitable partner Simon Community Scotland, and the question of what it means to be human. We want to take a step away from the bold primary colours of ‘FOCUS 2018’ and move with the ever-changing pace of the world, towards a technological understanding of life and how this affects us as beings of empathy.  

The colour palette will juxtapose the harsh monotones of a modern city with the vibrancy of neon, iridescent colour. We want to display surges of colour amidst the dark. Our editorial shoots utilise Glasgow in all of its diversity, and celebrate the immense array of culture contained within every inch of our city. Through the use of contrasting locations, such as a neon arcade, a retro laundrette and the streets surrounding the iconic East End, we will invoke the kaleidoscope of colour and noise within the city. The focus will be not only on the bright and the beautiful, but on the harsh truth of reality in all of its imperfections.

Our theme runs in accordance with our charity, Simon Community Scotland, a charity based in the heart of Glasgow that aims to combat the causes and effects of homelessness. We will use the city in different ways to highlight that everyone has a different footprint and experience of life.

Moving away from the geometric, block colours of the last year’s theme, towards a technologically-imbued version of reality, shows GUCFS taking a step towards the future whilst acknowledging our splintered past. FLVX19 in all of its diversity will use light, dark and surges of colour to highlight the fast-pace of Glasgow and will blur the boundaries between the past, the present and the technologies that invade our lives every day. We aim to create a vision of movement, of particles of energy, continuous change and an understanding of the future which lies ahead, a FLVX.”

Make sure to get your tickets quick as they are sure to be a hot commodity. Speaking from experience, it isn’t an event you want to miss! 

– Marketing, Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show

-Owain Campton, Co. Editor-in-Chief

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