500 Miles For Mental Health

The GUSA family are passionate about raising awareness of mental wellbeing and helping all of us who have, or are, struggling. We all have mental health, and starting the conversation about it will make it less scary to approach when we are not doing as well. This February we are excited to invite all our clubs, other societies and unions, to take part in a GUSA wide fundraiser to complete 500 miles for mental health. This will take place on Sunday the 24th of February at the Garscube Sports Complex.

500 Miles For Mental Health

The total 500 miles will hopefully be achieved by individuals choosing to either run a 5 km route at the Garscube campus once, or If your feeling spicy you can do two.

The plan is for everyone to finish at the same time so we complete 500 miles together. This kind of run is called a handicap race which sees individuals being set off at different times depending on the time they expect to complete their desired number of laps. For example a club may have participant a who would like to do 10 km expected in 37 minutes and participant b who would like to do 5 in 28 minutes. Participant a will therefore be set off 37 minutes before the chosen finish time and b will be set off 28 minutes before we all expect to finish together. So we can all win.

We are hoping this event will not only raise awareness for mental health within the Club Sport family but catch the eye of many others, raising the general public’s awareness of the importance of our mental well being. We can’t wait to run with you all and hope that this race offers the chance for you to think about the importance of your own mental health, while taking part in raising as much money as we can to support MIND, the mental health charity.

We also hope this event will signify the strength of the GUSA Club Sport network and bring together so many different GUSA athletes and other University students. There are not many opportunities to come together as an entire University, so we look forward to having as many students as possible taking part. So please come and help us complete “500 Miles For Mental Health”

This event will allow anyone undertaking it to really reflect on their current mental wellbeing and also how it can be cared for and protected in the future. Anyone is more than welcome to come and promote mental wellbeing.

For more details please find the GUSA event here!

Or contact Kirsty Dickson, Paddy Everingham or pop into the GUSA office. Thanks in advance for all your support and we can’t wait to run, walk or handstand our way to a more positive outlook on mental health discussions.


-Kirsty Dickson, GU Yoga Club

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