Games Committee Present: MONTH OF GAMES!

It’s that time of year again, it’s finally back! Miserable January is over and February is the month filled with fun! And at long last, there are plenty of chances to get your name etched in gold leaf around the Beer Bar walls FOREVER. There are events for everyone, whether you can eat, drink or dodge. So here’s the line up…


DARTS Friday 8th Feb Beer Bar Alcove 6pm

Fancy yourself future Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor? Or maybe you just fancy a pint and a pie? Come down to the Alcove Friday evening to soak up the atmosphere and have a shot at winning £100. Includes ‘Round the World’ knock out competitions and 301 & 502 competitions. Pints provided, BYO pies.

POOL & SNOOKER Tuesday 12th Feb Billiards 7pm

Games Com are pairing up with the Snooker and Pool Club. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie fancying your chances, everyone is welcome. £70 first prize, £30 second prize.

IRON STOMACH Friday 15th Feb Beer Bar 7pm

The highly anticipated eating competition is back and the committee have been working on the gloriously gruesome 2019 menu. We’re looking to crown our new champion with a stomach of steel and hand over the BIG £250 CASH PRIZE. We only take in 11 participants so get down early to sign up or grab your seat to soak in the atmosphere. TOP TIP: Avoid the splash zone!

DODGEBALL Wednesday 20th Feb Debates 7pm

You only need 2 things for this tournament, 5 of your most fit and nimble friends and the shortest pair of shorts you own. Get ready to dodge, duck and dive your way to victory and your team name etched on the beer bar walls for eternity and £150 CASH PRIZE. Limited spacing means early arrival. Start limbering up now folks!

SPORTS DAY Saturday 23rd Feb Reading Room 2pm

B.A.D.G.E is back! Our Big All Day Games Event – exactly what it says on the tin, its BIG, its ALL DAY, and its full of fun and GAMES. From trolley races and water balloon slingshots in Kelvingrove park, to strawberry lace races and reef relays in the union. Grab your Kelly and Michelle to make a magical team of 3 and come sign up from 1:30pm.

END OF MONTH PARTY Tuesday 26th Feb Reading Room 7pm

Too unfit for dodgeball? Not smart enough for the quiz? Too much of a gag reflex for iron stomach? This is your last chance to win GOLD LEAF. Competitions include Women’s single pint, Men’s single pint, Women’s strawpedo, Men’s strawpedo, Yard of Ale and Boat Races. All events are free to enter. Have you got what it takes? Sign ups from 6:30pm.

See you soon, Games Comm xoxo


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