A Hungover Student’s Guide to the West End

Whether you’re a fresh-faced fresher or a west-end pro, hangovers don’t discriminate. So, with it being reading week and many of us maybe going out once or twice, here is 6 of the tastiest hangover hangouts the West End has to offer.

  1. Café Go-Go

Café Go-Go: the hangover hero of the West End. Not only is it super chill (so much so that you could probably go in your pyjamas, although we don’t recommend), it also has a two for £11 deal on most of its menu every day of the week. Within the deal, you can choose from a massive variety of food, from pancakes, to cooked breakfasts, to nachos, to mac and cheese. You name it, café Go-Go probably has it.gogo

  1. Papercup

Perhaps not one for the whole squad due to a distinct lack of space, but gather your nearest and dearest and head down to Papercup for some tasty food and great coffee. Its famous strawberry and avo sourdough toast and super fluffy bacon maple pancakes are just a few of the plates on offer, and you can get food and a coffee for under a tenner on the majority of the menu.papercup

  1. The University Café

Simple, classic. The University Café has been around for over 100 years, and for good reason. Cheap and simple grub, perfect for the hungover student.

  1. The Brunch Club

Home to what can only be described as the prettiest eggs benedict I’ve ever laid eyes on, The Brunch Club is Dumbarton Road’s newest addition and the perfect destination for your hungover munch. Edible flowers and funky combinations galore – prepare to have your brunch dreams realised. Even if you’re not looking Instagram worthy, your food certainly will.the brunch club

  1. Loop N Scoop

Let’s be real, sometimes when you’re hungover you don’t want a sit down scran – or even a proper meal. Sometimes, all you want is delicious sugary goodness that can be consumed in the comfort of your warm bed. If this is the case, then Loop N Scoop is the place for you. Sit in or take-away, you can get unreal churros, ice-creams or milkshakes with a selection of dips and fillings. Its churros are vegan friendly, as are its biscoff and peanut butter dips. It also has a selection of vegan ice-creams. PSA, the filled churros are out of this world.loop n scope

-Lucy Donaldson, Lifestyle and Online Editor






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