Year number five and it’s safe to say that GUCFS just keeps getting better with age. For many, the charity fashion show is one of the most important nights in the Glasgow Uni social calendar and FLVX 2019 did not disappoint. The clothes were vibrant, the drinks were flowing and the atmosphere was electric.

FLVX presented an edgier aesthetic, compared with last years wispy, elegant approach. This more urban vibe pervaded every inch of the show, right up to the after-party, which featured techno tunes from Cooked and Seph – a more intense set than last years Capri Collective. Personally, I feel that the urbanisation of the show gelled immensely well with the venue of the Galvanizers, giving a coherent and consistent feel to the event as a whole.

Some particular highlights of the show were Penny Gibbs’s alternative knitwear collection with its bold colours and distinctive cuts. Nia Wistanley’s collection capitalised on the current neon trend, incorporating a stunning mix of textures and patterns with vivid, contrasting colour combinations, ensuring a mesmerising visual display. Karla Hobbs design’s provided more neutral, earthy colours with grungy, military-style designs – interestingly accessorised with yellow Crocs. The show also featured an appearance from Pomberry Swim, impressively designed by Glasgow Uni student Lucy Aitken.

FLVX 2019 saw a heightened and more refined social media presence, which again, remained consistent with the overall aesthetic of the show. The pre-show shoots were done exceptionally well, increasing the hype for the show itself. The collaborative shoot with Numaan Farooq menswear was a distinct favourite – shot in a laundrette with bright lights and striking colours.

Overall, FLVX 2019 was a well organised and impressive feat of fashion with the added bonus of being for a good cause. As evidenced by its success, an incredible amount of work went in behind the scenes to make the event so successful. This year’s committee pulled out all the stops to ensure the success, not only of the fashion show, but of all the events run this year to fundraise for Simon Community Scotland. Their efforts have not been in vain, as the money raised totalled an astonishing £34,130.79.

G-YOU spoke to GUCFS president, Raphaella Gordon-Saker, about this year’s charity, and the work which went into raising such a phenomenal total.

“This year Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show have been working to raise funds and awareness for Simon Community Scotland. We are honoured to have been able to support and work closely with a charity with such an inspiring ethos and mission; that everyone deserves a safe place to live.

This year has been an incredibly busy one for us. As we celebrated our 5th anniversary, we wanted to push the creative and innovative boundaries of our society in order to surpass all previous projects by GUCFS, and further our philanthropic efforts. Our society has grown immeasurably in the past year, in size and innovation, and we have been amazed by the response. We have ran half marathons, abseiled, skydived, climbed munros, and stayed out in the cloisters for 12 hours in January (to name a few of our fundraisers…). FLVX19 was our largest, boldest and most immersive annual project and event to date, and we hope you had a wonderful evening.

GUCFS have been busy calculating our final donation since FLVX19, and are incredibly proud to let you know that we have raised £34,130.79 for Simon Community Scotland!

This would not have been possible without the backing of the wider university community; those who support our fundraisers and attend our events, or simply follow our social media platforms. I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who helped us along the way, as this donation is a result of not just the 128 directly involved in GUCFS, but everyone else who surrounds and supports what we do.”

GUCFS Committee 2018/19

Congratulations to the GUCFS committee, we can’t wait to see what GUCFS 2020 has in store!

– Lucy Donaldson 

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