Avengers: Endgame – A Review

Don’t worry Russo Brothers, I’m not about to spoil your masterpiece.

This film is the culmination of eleven years of solid graft: the crowning glory of a franchise which started with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man. It is evident that they have learnt from the past decade, taking from the highs of each film in the series and weaving it into this work of art. The story-telling and character arc development in Winter Solider, stylistic genius of Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, and the comical quips of the beloved web-head in Homecoming. It has all come together to create this epic.

Obviously there is little I can say about the story line without spoiling it so I am going to be rather general in this review, but ultimately all you should take from this is: Go See It!

Sat in the Grosvenor theatre at 11:30pm on Wednesday night sat in front of my friends as there was only one seat left, we had just finished watching Avengers: Infinity Wars, setting us up for the midnight release. There was a clear electricity in the room, with die-hard fans all antsy to see what happens next. Do they find the one scenario in Fourteen-million-six-hundred-and-five that successfully defeats Thanos? Is Gamora really dead and gone? How does Captain Marvel fit in?

The room dimmed, and the film immediately jumps in. Straight off the bat within the first ten minutes you can tell there is a change of tone, as you should expect. The World’s mightiest heroes have just suffered a monstrous loss, it wouldn’t exactly be fitting to have the normal optimistic, happy-go-lucky, patriotic Cap. Throughout the film the directors, script writers, and actors all manage to strike the tone right on the head. It would be easy to make this a very dark and gritty film, but what they have come away with is a mood of grieving banter, where there is still the light-heartedness of films like Ragnarok and Homecoming, but also moments of intense vulnerability. They are heroes, but heroes whose failures cost the lives of trillions, and their humanity (or Asgardianity) shines through as they all cope in different ways. There are still a lot of laughs, but also moments where you get to see the heart of each character.

This is an epic, on power with The Return of the King, Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Empire Strikes Back. If, like me, you have been following marvel since the first film in ’08, and can say it is the film franchise that has probably defined your teens and early twenties, then I can promise you: you will breakdown by the end of it. If you just follow and enjoy them, then I can promise you: This will be your favourite film of the franchise. If you don’t care about marvel I can promise you: You’ll probably get a bit lost and confused, but go and see it regardless.

– Owain Campton

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