I want to fall into a sapphire sea
or a cerulean sophisticated pool
Like in a piece of cinema
and drown slowly
Its seen as a Tragedy
But here I am
I don’t know how to feel except
I am smiling at the old tenderness, almost like
an iron rod sticking my coals
to emulate some warmth
But it
shocks me how hard the hand around my throat is
I gaze into the past and she smiles back I am jealous of her cool gaze
a cobalt glare that shows me she was happy
I am not so sure
If I was happy then or happier now
If it’s possible to romanticise, can I do the opposite?
Teal is the colour in my head
I guess I thought it would provide clarity
But instead its a foggy azure sky
This intimacy exists in these fragments that stab me
I cant decide if I should let them go
or hold them tighter until the blue glass
draws out my blood.

– Rowan Bland

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