Your Complete Guide to the Best Drunk Scran around the West End

As the madness that is Fresher’s Week comes around again for another year, it is easy for fresh-faced first-years to feel overloaded with information about life here at Glasgow. Between all the sports fairs, union events and campus tours running throughout the week, vital knowledge could well be missed. Picture the scene. A young GUSA initiate stumbles out of their first Sanctuary Wednesday, drunk, hungry, but at a loss where to go for the obligatory end-of-night chips. A gaggle of new flatmates fall out of HIVE, desperately in need of some scran, but with no clue where to turn. Well, look no further. After spending two years making my way through all takeaways within the G2 postcode, I present the complete guide to the best night-out food the West End has to offer.

BARBEQUE KINGS, Great Western Road

2:45 am close Mon-Sun

West End royalty Barbeque Kings is a staple choice for any student on the search for late-night scran. With middle-of-the-range prices compared to other chippies in the West End, this GWR classic is a favourite for many, and with its convenient location, roomy booth-seats and panoramic view of Coopers, it’s easy to see why.

727, Great Western Road

3:00 am close Mon-Sun/3:30 am Fri/Sat

Although small in size, don’t be fooled – 727 packs a punch. With its late closing times, speedy service and never-ending rows of battered sausages, 727 is certain to fulfil all your late-night, fast-food needs. Watch out for the £5 card minimum though, it ruins lives.

CHUNKY CHICKEN, Sauchiehall Street

2:00 am close Sun-Thurs/4:00 am Fri/Sat

This no-nonsense chain is a great late-night food option, particularly convenient on the way back from clubs like Nice N Sleazy’s on Sauchiehall Street. Open late and boasting 4/6 stars on JustEat, Chunky Chicken promises to make all your southern fried dreams come true.


12am close Sun-Thurs/1am Fri/Sat

This punily named chippy can be found opposite Hillhead subway, and is a guilty pleasure for a lot of students, drunk and sober alike. Bit on the pricier side compared to other places, but it makes up for it with the best curry sauce in the West End.

BISTRO FAST FOOD, Sauchiehall Street

4am close Mon-Sun

Although it sounds like a gastro-pub, Bistro is a far-cry from any sit-down dining experience. That said, it does boast affordable late-night scran and is situated in a prime location from a lot of Glasgow’s popular clubs and bars. The meat is highly suspicious so I would recommend the veg pakora.

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