A Look at the Political Groups on Campus

Student years have long been associated with, amongst a suitable quantity of debauchery, being socially and politically active. Almost every revolution has a paragraph somewhere about a group of drunken students hatching plans for a better tomorrow. However, the one thing that all these groups have in common is just that, they are groups. So, if you are interested in joining a social or political movement on campus, whether that’s a political party or an apolitical charitable organisation, here are a few contenders to consider:

Glasgow University Labour Club

At Glasgow Uni Labour Club we’re passionate about creating real, progressive change. Our members are frequently out campaigning, canvassing and attending Labour Party events. Last year GULC had an active presence in the Women’s Equal Pay Strike. GULC is lucky to have close interaction with local MPs and parliamentary candidates who often attend events. GULC also host film screenings, socials and we regularly visit the pub for a pint! We are an inclusive society – everyone is welcome!

University of Glasgow Conservative and Unionist Association

University of Glasgow Conservative and Unionist Association (GUCUA) hails as the oldest Conservative University Association in the UK, originating in 1836. In modern days, the Society is known for its annual St. Andrews Dinner – which always galvanises a large crowd, and our monthly Pint and Policy events which foster passionate debate. Although we may not be the largest political society on campus, it is more than made up for in personality and character!

Glasgow University Liberal Democrats

GULD is part of the youth wing of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. We interact with the local party on an array of issues through coordinating a varied range of political activities. On campus, we typically meet and discuss recent political issues and how we feel about these as members. Additionally, we have begun to interact with other societies to create differing events. If you are interested in what we do then like our Facebook page to see when we next meet, and you can sign up for a free membership to the society at our events.

Glasgow University Scottish Nationalist Association

Are you passionate about independence and want to get more politically engaged? Come along to GUSNA every Monday, 5pm at Old School House to meet people your own age with a similar passion! Whether you’re a total political newbie or a seasoned canvasser, GUSNA welcomes people of all different experiences. Get to know your local SNP youth, have a say on new proposals, or even just come along for a chilled-out pint! Hope to see you there, – The GUSNA executive committee

Glasgow University UNICEF on Campus

Our society is a student initiative supporting the work of UNICEF UK at the University of Glasgow. Here on Campus, we campaign to raise awareness for the rights and well-being of children. We also organise fundraising activities to support both emergency aid and long-term development projects aimed to help vulnerable children in need. Some of our events throughout the year include concerts, bake sales or movie screenings where to collect proceeds for charity. We always welcome new members willing to make a difference in children’s lives!

Glasgow University Amnesty International UK

GU Amnesty International UK, a global human rights group and our aim is to raise awareness of human rights issues among students. We have regular meetings every Tuesday in the GUU Reading Room. Last year we focused on Homelessness and LGBTQIA+ rights, where we invited speakers, had workshops and talks. Also, we attended demonstrations and rallies like Fight The Night and Stop SERCO Evictions and hosted fundraisers and socials. Facebook: facebook/guamnesty Email: mail@guamnesty.org.u

by Lennie de Sousa, Politics Editor

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