The Freshers Showcase

Dear Readers, I welcome you to the showcase section of the G-You magazine. A space for letting Glasgow University students creativity flourish. Over the course of the year I will be introducing some of GU’s wonderful creative minds but for now, as this is the freshers edition, here are two poems. The first is the first poem I ever wrote at University, the second is a poem inspired by freshers week.

Sonnet On The River Kelvin
Declare in memory, “this moment”,
hold the value of “this feeling” <stream>
flowing into Function(memory).
Count the people, so I am LEFT[seen]
echo, sounds. Which are equal to this
moment, then, input >> these sounds into 
this  program, life, in “this moment”,
at this river, I am infinite  
possibilities spilling into
a boolean, of conformity
Loop Until self = True OR False
BREAK, the sounds and emotions in nature
Loop Until I am either a 1 or a 0
a  value  of “ this society”.
                                                                                                                                                         Scott Norval

First Week
Your hands shake and tremble with the excitement of
what awaits you           life given and lent over
coffee mornings with new friends   that first meal you
burned   new memories flood your mind   living now is
like the first time the sun crests the horizon   drawn
out light so new    dazzling    stretched thin       with a
jolt you are thrown in         tumbling through time      to
come home    ears still ringing   softly awoken to
muffled kitchen conversations   grubby shoes   sleep
still fresh in your eyes      yes this your moment   a place
to not keep time still but to feel each second as it
passes     yes this is a moment of firsts
                                                                           Scott Norval

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