What Should You Go As For Halloween, According To Your Horoscope

What your October horoscopes say your Halloween costume should actually be…

Hey there creatures of all kinds. It’s that time of the month where you start to think of your possible Halloween costume – a decision bound to change as much as you change your underwear, as well as one strictly ruled by the “last minute”. Worry not though, with my astrological help (and of course the AstroTwins), you will adequately be dressed this year. Also guys, careful with your exes this month and back up your data on Halloween.

Aries: Vampire
My blood-sucker Aries, October is your annual relationship month I hear – especially due to the Sun in Libra and Mars (your ruling planet). Careful though, the contrasting Libra (=peace) and Mars (=war) might indulge you in some exasperations. Pluto ends its 5-month retrograde beginning of this month which will trigger an open discussion with someone you’ve been tensing with and a fiery status boost. Be like the Cullens, make allies not enemies! Halloween night will be a random night, plus Mercury’s retrograde will bring a cocktail of nostalgia and amnesia: careful what you wish for!

Taurus: Slutty cat
This month starts with Libra Sun in your 6th house of welfare – getting freshers week finally out of your system? Yes cats are flexible, athletic (not mine lol), and have 7 lives, just watch out and have a good warm up and rest before and after you go for that run! The 7th clashes into red lights with Saturn in your 9th house of expansion hence don’t bet the kibble into a project that you still do not have the green light for and learn from others! Later this month on the 23rd the Sun enters Scorpio season in your 7th house of partnerships which sets you up later on the 27th’s new moon to pair you up with some business (or pleasure hehehe). Worry not, this partnership will still allow you to continue being your independent inner cat. Mars and Saturn in this new moon will be there to give you some perspective into errythang. The 31st will lead you to reprises in your 8th house of sensuality and mystery so be cautious with exes – just listen to Beyonce’s “Kitty Kat”.

Gemini: a scary clown (wait, aren’t they all scary?)
Fun times ahead! 5th house is lit, get ready for some festive and flamboyant times. As a clown does, you’re attracting admirers of all kinds with Mars in Libra. There will be lots of emotions in the air – aren’t clowns the expression of the frown and smile IRL? My suggestion to you is that you don’t skimp with the square between Saturn and the Sun. Take things slow especially ‘cause this square is bringing some truthful, relieving, plot twisting buzz. From October 27th, a healthy ethos is in town – Scorpio brings either a huge Kondo move or a trip to Super Circuits at the gym. Either way organize your finances! Halloween night asks you to be cagey so careful not to juggle balloons you can’t handle and get those naps in between acts.

Cancer: Devil
My crabby devil, Mars is hurting in Libra this month which makes it so much harder to keep a drama-less life and brings as much excitement as stress in your life. October 7th calls for your emotions to be spilt with the right people – don’t assume people are your psychologists just because they listen. Pluto returns from its massive nap which balances out previous power struggles (with angels possibly?). It is a time for a “you do YOU Cancer!”: drawing your boundaries, playing devil’s advocate if need be, and finding a safe outlet for any frustrations. Scorpio’s new moon on the 27th fusses your inner rebellious self (muahahaha). Towards Halloween, Mercury’s retrograde (uh oh!) might bring the past into present (don’t dig into a spiked punch bowl pls). As a devil shall, you’ll feel provocative, more of a trickster than a treater, just hold your horses and give time to creative endeavors!

Leo: Ghost
Sun is passing through Libra which transmits a fairly socially innovative mood in your 3rd house indicating partnerships until mid-November and even some community activism (if you’re into that). Mars generates a thrill and spray of stress and as a ghost does, cautious not to come across as too pushy or scary when in reality you are just Casper. These weeks might have been a bumpy road due to Pluto’s presence, yet it is time to breathe and get that mindful balance back – people might say you’re not a upright, scary ghost, when in reality you are good enough SO CHAMPION YOUR IMAGINATION. October 23rd Sun shifts into Scorpio in 4th house of domesticity, bringing you some downtime and digital detox before the big 31st. With that said, the 31st asks for patience in unsettling settings, where Mercury has pushed your ghost clothes’ buttons so it should be a good time for meaningful reconnections with the past – something all ghosts are good at!

Virgo: Zombie
September was tuff (yes tough) and now it’s time for equilibrium. Equilibrium does not mean staying underground, therefore don’t just sit there and wait for money to grow on trees (we all wish I know) – as LMFAO said “everyday I’m hustlin’”. After Pluto’s 5-month relationship retrograde with Capricorn in your 5th house of articulation and creativity, your craving to share your beautiful qualities re-emerges (just like a zombie, hello!). Has an ex turned up (is she a zombie too?) and has it been draining? Cut ties or try again? October 23rd marks Scorpio season sparking some thirst for intellectual activities so don’t you dare miss that 9am! As Cardi B claims: “I got money moves”. Sun is in Libra in the 2nd house of finances on the 23rd which might boost one of your projects.
Closer to Halloween crashing Mars in Saturn invites you to be open-minded (cough brains out cough) and innovative. And finally on Halloween night is a time to be cautious, to be the listener because in reality do zombies even talk?

Libra: Witch (the good one?)
Your schedule is packed, has been packed and will continue to (I SAY!) with Sun and Mars keepin’ it goin’. With Mars galvanizing some very confident and charismatic energies this month it is a good time for some self-promotion. Be direct about what you want and fight your everlasting politeness sometimes. Beginning of the month ends the karmic (quite witchy already) Pluto-Capricorn retrograde in your domestic 4th house ending sibling tensions and bringing comfort to remembering lost loved ones through pleasant spaces. Keep the work you’ve been doing on yourself going no matter how stressful the Saturn square in Capricorn defies it; keep your heart in your body instead of in your sleeve (such a witch thing to do, am I right?). October 23rd brings a shift into Scorpio, into your groovy 2nd house of moneys and stability bringing you feels of safety. Alas, the end of the month brings some chaos, so be real with yourself and others and don’t take things too personally (as if?!) HOWEVER this new moon also brings in some productivity so heads up for some powerful opportunity potions. Lastly, don’t get the ingredients for the potion wrong: misunderstandings are prone at this time as well as get into the habit of checking stuff three times before anything.

Scorpio: Ariel (killed by climate change)
First of all, until the 23rd of this month the Sun is submerged in the 12th house of recuperation and finalities. Keep your schedule easy, breezy with some space for spiritual rejuvenation. Your sidekick Mars is back after two years, soliciting you to have clear communication as ignorance is not always bliss (look at you after everyone ignored climate change?!) and get the support you need if you’re tackling some deep ocean blues. Anxiety (“hello darkness my old friend”) might have choked up a relationship, however this psyche-probing October will help you change some things. End of the month brings you new tides with a new moon, aka your yearly reset!! Uranus brings some unexpected shells your way but don’t let someone kill your vibe – you might even need to shut someone down for the time being. Halloween night, as spooky as the tale tells, plot twists you into feeling misunderstood, but fight back and prepare a manifesto about climate change Scorpio because your mermaid self and Greta Thunberg can and will fight this celestial storm united.

Sagittarius: Wednesday Adams
Hey social butterfly, the Sun is soaring through Libra until the 23rd of October with vitalizing Mars; beware this energy being too much for you so get your beauty sleep and perhaps a digital detox. This month is to let go of your childhood brewed trust issues and delegate tasks. Actions have consequences my friend, don’t let your craving for spontaneity be at war with your demand for steadiness, although the silver lining here is confidence so delve into creative, leisure-full activities! The 23rd: the Sun moves into Scorpio season in 12th house of closings and relaxation and Mars in Libra which, with space-eating Jupiter in your zone this year (until December btw), you should try to take it slow but still keep the social circles lit hence for this Halloween take a Wednesday Adams approach. End of the month the Scorpio new moon allows you to be your earnest self, whether it’s with a room full of medieval torture weapons or not yet watch out for your forbidding and somewhat sadistic rule and keep it away from someone you’ve been tensing up with. Keep your boundaries clear and be mindful. Uranus in Taurus might surprise you here with anxiety and disruption so beware, be mindful, be clever as you are Adams! Halloween night is taking you into a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, reaching out to your deepest emotions and thoughts and pushing you towards therapy and healing – Yes Wednesday, you have feelings too.

Capricorn: Medusa
One of the most aspirational months this year for you my Capri, Sun is in Libra and your 10th house of profession and public image until the 23rd. Work will be intense but surely rewarding so show your face and make a change!!. Oct. 23rd is Scorpio time starring your 11th house of tech and collaboration so try and get some networking in your busy schedule. Later in the month, Mars in Libra reminds you of compromise, bringing profesh collaborations. Of course, Uranus barges in with some controversy here so just practice what you preach. Halloween night is bringing some tricky stuff with Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio until mid-November, shouting for a digital detox and care when interacting with other people, and extra back-ups on your digital devices. Medusa ensure your snakes are sensible and get their help backing you up (in everything really).

Aquarius: Pale Man (from Pan’s Labyrinth – if you don’t know you’re likely to remember this forever now, sorry in advance)
Sun in Libra in 9th house of adventure and expansion until the 23rd so get out of your comfort zone! Seize the time (in a comfortable pace + some naps here and there – maybe take a night out of hunting humans Tenome?)! Saturn is in Capricorn in 12th house of hostility and unseen schedules which could shed some light on someone’s real face (unlike yours?). Know the best way to say things and be mindful sending out messages, especially as Scorpio season arrives on Oct. 23rd, giving you the structure and energy for planning and implementing. Later in the month your ruler Uranus (really trying not to make a joke out of this one, Pale Man) is opposite, landing in Taurus in the 4th house of domesticity and emotions which will intensify family as a source of chaos. Halloween falls in Mercury’s retrograde which calls for good old back up of data, yes the one you’ve been holding off like the skin sagging over your bones like a real Pale Man.

Pisces: Mummy
How’s your coffin? The Sun in Libra in your 8th house of intimacy and discovery which is pretty controversial!! From October 4th until mid-November, you will enter a transformational period triggering positive finances, sexual appeal, athletics (some kind) BUT of course some jealousy and obsession too. 8th house is rocking your bonds, whether it is with your flatmates or your SO BUT careful, just like the fragility of toilet roll, you might make rash decisions which turn into drama (a lot of it). “Real friends, how many of us” – Oh Kanye thanks for that. Tension between meeting different friend crowds might arise, where it might be beneficial if you stick to the friends that can collaborate with you on something cool – just make sure everyone does their part. October 23rd brings back some good old perspective when Sun shifts into Scorpio and the new moon on the 27th helps you connect the inventive and resourceful dots to the big picture. Halloween evolves some communicative misunderstandings in the zone – you said white toilet paper and they gave you pink and then you went crazy and the only thing you had left was your birthday suit (because I really don’t know what mummies have under all that toilet roll tbh) – so yeah just choose your words (and toilet roll) wisely.

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