What Your November Horoscopes Say Your Next Environmentally Friendly Move Should Be

Heyo! Heck, it’s November. As the AstroTwins call it: THE MONTH OF INTEGRITY. This month is about to get profound in your supporting structures and fairly detailed.

Aries: Cut plastic!

            Give it your all. Mercury is in retrograde most of this month in your eighth house placing a big emphasis on unsolved emotional and financial details. Your fiery sign is used to brushing off and moving on – “I’ll just buy this fruit in plastic packaging because it’s easier to carry and cheaper” – but it is time to stop and think about your actions and emotions. Save yourself bottled-up emotions by rethinking your past and building a clearer future.

            This Mercury retrograde will also bring some seductive timez – someone from your contacts perhaps? There’ll be plot twists but always protect your vulnerability. Careful especially with November 19th and its erratic Mars-Uranus energy as it can shine insecurity.

            On November 5th your ruler Mars in Libra will square with Pluto in Capricorn handling your tenth house of career. Compromise here is running on thin and you are about to explode against a business relationship or simply an important male figure in your life. The Mars-Pluto square will be a def wake-up call for setting clear boundaries and expectations with others.

            Mid-month brings financial and domestic stability with a Taurus’ full moon boosting your joie de vivre and healthy routines. With a healthy lifestyle, your tenth house of success will be acclaimed as well, making you gold for new opportunities. Just don’t put too much of your genius out there with Mercury retrograde still on the line.

            On the 22nd Sagi lands in your ninth house of adventure and growth – dream big and get outta your comfort zone! November 26th brings a new moon which makes it possible for those dreams to turn into reality over the next six months.

            Friendsgiving and Black Friday brings you healing and closure with Neptune’s retrograde ending after 5 months. This end of month in general brings better decisions, introspection and wise male-figures. (and no plastic!)

Taurus: Contribute to greener spaces.

            The Sun shines on relationships this month, nurturing a zone for great personal investments, whether business or nah. Watch out though, a Halloween hangover might be in place due to Mercury’s retrograde, and “spicing up” your happy plans. It is time to investigate the past with optimism (and caution) in case someone comes back in your life or you are about to sign a contract. Don’t “reply all”!

            November 5th is rounded by anxious Mars and energizing Pluto which makes your power of decisions inexistent so put off big decisions to the end of the month (when the retrograde leaves on the 20th) and plant a flower instead.

            November 12th circles in the plans you started on your birthday in May with Saturn and Pluto in your ninth house of expansion. THE STARS ARE SUPPORTING YOUR GREEN GROWTH! But better to not partner up in this or have an NDA ready.

            The 19th is bringing up passionate tensions all through until January in Mars. Uranus is joining this party on November 24th emphasizing such ambient, firing up your temperamental side. Uranus is actually staying with you for the next seven years, bringing a new side of you out in the open. It is definitely your time to synthesize all the good opportunities just don’t forget your other fellow friends.

            November 22nd bring Sagittarius into the picture, encouraging you to reflect your energy on satisfying and secure choices. Tis the season for some exclusivity which will be exponential during the new moon on November 26th – plant seeds for long-term wealth and nourishment. The day after also clears up the polluted air, helping you finally close off that toxic relationship or finally kick off in that group project now that Neptune’s five-month retrograde is over.

Gemini: Eat more sustainably harvested veg.

            Your sixth house of health will be a spotlight until November 22nd and Mercury retrograde is also in the hood, SO basically means: don’t turn to veganism before you’ve made a good name with all vegetables. Take things slowly and with structure in order to be successful in your plans.

Until January, Mars’ energy will motivate you to seek different ways of keeping healthy and listening to your body. Mars will be in Libra until mid-month, firing up passion and fame in the fifth house. You’ll be giving birth to some new ideas (or even people).

Trust issues will come up on the 5th, shaking your vulnerable side with Mars-Pluto square. Don’t be rash, especially if you are obsessively crushing. Later on November 12th, the full moon in Taurus draws up some fantasy and closure which is receptive AND deceptive. Situations that will both make you vulnerable and humble will surface, particularly when it comes to someone’s true colours. As painful as it might feel in the short-term, it is time to close some chapters.

Contrastingly, it is time for some rest and reflection regarding your health in this Mercury retrograde. As well, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in your eighth house of intimacy support your vulnerability and help you set boundaries accordingly. Get rest and ready for November 24th, a time for action, whilst the 22nd is asking for partnerships.

November 27th ends the Neptune five-month retrograde in Pisces in your tenth house sorting out necessary clarity in your career path. It is time to make things more official AND MINDFUL, buy those non-plastic-packaged veg and encourage others to do so too.

Cancer: Less car use, more leg use.

            This month is governed by love and passion through the heat of the Sun and taken over by Mars late-November until January. Notably, Mercury retrograde calls for (sometimes unnecessary) self-expression. Particularly starting on November 5th, when Mars and Pluto pair up and rushing onto the 19th when Mars in Libra forms an emotional tension in your fourth house, you will be quite temperamental. Unless someone is hurting you and needs a backlash, step back, take care of yourself instead of creating an unwanted storm. Put that fiery feel into something creative instead!

            The 12th this month brings in a new moon in Taurus which calms stuff down. Lost or complex connections might be draining – step away so that you can be a bit more centred on your priorities. This full moon also forms harmony from Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn which calls for honest talks around your friends. In return you have to listen as well, creating an ambient of balance.

            November 22nd comes into your health and wellbeing sixth house, which is quite good seeing as we are approaching a season which calls for loads of parties and 3am Barbecue Kings. Don’t go “all in”, try to listen to your body! The new moon November 26th in Sagittarius head-starts a six-month cycle of wellness, which will support you in a new any activity that feels right for your body.

            Neptune ends its five-month retrograde in your adventure house, making you especially curious and innovative. Alongside, Saturn and Capricorn will be in your seventh house of partnerships towards the end of November. Get your important people together and do some innovative hot yoga or keep each other accountable for using less cars and more your legs to go places!

Leo: You are joining the paper straws movement.

            Time for some domestic cleansing before you go home for the holidays as the Sun fires up your domestic fourth house until November 22nd in Scorpio. Family gathering will always carry some stress with it, so relax because chaos is necessary or else it wouldn’t be family.

            Mercury’s retrograde might cause a few breakdowns regarding your living situation so try and handle your emotions best you can, particularly on November 5th where Mars and Pluto square up on your criticizing self. You’ll feel easily criticized here so do not jump into defence right away, listen first.

November 12th sheds light on your career with Taurus’ full moon on your tenth house. The last six months might have been dedicated to a project and now is the time to manifest its fruits. Just remember Mercury is still in retrograde and that might cause some emotional traps so try to be a little more rational here. Think as well, along with Saturn’s discipline and Pluto’s power hunger at this time, about who can help you become victorious.

November 19th stars home until January. Mars here will put a thin string on patience which is not great when this is the time to hang out with the fam. As competitive as you may feel at this moment, try and make it a fun time instead of a tense one. Take care of yourself: we all know that it is easy to become a caretaker when surrounded by family.

November 24th asks for clear boundaries as Mars opposes Uranus. Again, don’t feel like you have the duty to take care of everyone – both family-wise and work-wise. With Sagittarius in the house from November 22nd, you will feel like it is time to glam it up, substituting those sweatpants and Netflix for your safest pair of shoes and HIVE.

November 26th new moon starts a new love chapter in your life especially if you are single and mingling. It is also focusing on the fifth house of babies and the next day Neptune lands on your sexual and intimate eighth house, so have fun but use protection!

Virgo: Be lit by LED.

            Your way with words this month will be sort of twisted – Mercury is retrograding in your techy and communication third house whilst the Sun is still in Scorpio most of the month. Hold off any risky posts or e-mails or texts until after Mars moves into Scorpio on November 19th.

            Tensing with a person in your life right now? Mercury retrograde should create the perf setting for you to light up the air. Just be cautious if you choose to have this convo on November 5th as it is when Mars and Pluto pair up to create drama. Don’t feed your insecurities with steamy arguments.

            November 12th will allow you to see the big picture whilst there is a full moon in Taurus. Your romantic fifth house will be a spotlight for Saturn and Pluto, encouraging some creative self-expression and romantic connections. If it is a creative epiphany, then make sure you check details because Mercury’s retrograde is still here.

            Sagittarius comes up the 22nd in your domestic fourth house, nurturing an environment of emotional bonding. November 26th even holds up a new moon that will open a six-month story in this fourth house.

            Don’t go into confrontation talks on the 24th as Mars and Uranus oppose each other in your communication line. People will push your buttons: listen to them instead of letting them push those buttons. Don’t feed their egos. The 27th harmonizes relationships when Neptune finishes its five-month retrograde in Pisces.

            November 28th finally brings in romantic Venus, disciplined Saturn and power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn in your fifth house of love. Let yourself be lit by love (and LED)!

Libra: Stop printing so much.

            Insecurity, oh don’t we love it, Libra? The Sun is in Scorpio and house of stability until late November, however Mercury retrograde is rebelling against your communication, travel and tech. Be the calm within the storm, not the storm itself. This is especially prominent on November 5th when Mars locks into a square with Pluto, increasing tensions. Us Libras detest conflict, YET it is time we assert ourselves and stomp out that co-dependent bait.

The full moon in Taurus on the 12th shines your intimate, merging and transformative eighth house. Here Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in your domestic fourth house discloses strength within your inner circles. Vulnerability is a power we usually ignore. (Also manage your cash flow!)

Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on November 19th in your house of finance and work until early Jan, meaning that you might finish off this work with some income-positive chances. Hustle, hustle!

November 22nd lands in your communicative third house where the Sun is now in Sagittarius. Your extravagant social cycle will go on for four weeks from this point – on with the festivities!

The 26th powers up a partnership through the new moon onto six months. This new moon will peak this collab in June 2020 with a lunar eclipse. The next day this month brings an end to Neptune’s five-month retrograde via Pisces in your health and wellness sixth house which just means that no matter how social you are getting, make time for yourself and exercising your body as it feels right.

It is really important at the end of this month to set your boundaries and expectations clear with people surrounding you. Big expansion is coming in your domestic axis.

Scorpio: Bamboo toothbrush of course!

            Yo yo yo, misunderstandings in the house. Mercury retrograde is hitting your sign hard no matter the efforts of the Sun. We both know that you enjoy to be outspoken, but perhaps this month keep a low profile, especially November 5th when Pluto in your communication and surprising Mars create a tense square. Don’t let your buttons be pushed and don’t push others’ buttons.

            November 12th brings in Taurus’ full moon which sets the tone for rebalancing your inner circle relationships in your seventh house of partnership. This can mean parting ways too – for the best, trust me. The moon will be opposite Mercury retrograde which will give you the chance to get on the same page. Hallelujah.

            November 19th Mars comes along for its biennial visit to pump up the jam, give you the motivation you’ve been lacking to finish this year strong until early Jan. Great period for some moneymaking business as in November 22nd the Sun goes into Sagittarius in your financial second house. Later on the 26th, this profit making cycle goes on as Sagittarius’ new moon springs a new six-month ambient for great job opportunities.

            On the 27th of November ends Neptune’s five-month retrograde – clearing some romance drama that has been rolling or giving you the right focus to get back on that project you had to press pause. Brush those conflicts (with a new eco-friendly toothbrush perhaps?!)


            AstroTwins couldn’t have said it better, your motto this month is: reflect, inspect, protect (almost like the process of recycling really). The Sun is in Scorpio for three weeks this month in your twelfth house of rest plus planet of communication, Mercury, is in retrograde through the same period, making it fairly foggy. Quite a good time to reflect creatively yet not organisation-wise.

            Sagi, trust your people here, but be careful with Mercury’s retrograde agenda of surprises – don’t lay yourself too thin in a time like this. Your priorities from the 12th this month become wellness and discipline when Taurus’ full moon arises. To encourage such healthy lifestyles, Saturn and Pluto will team up in your second house of routine. Sounds all too good? Of course, this full moon opposes Mercury retrograde which might cause distractions especially if you are new at something (aka recycling – School House Rock version please).

            Mars in Libra in your teamwork house will intensify collabs, whether stressful ones or productive or both until mid-November. With November 5th when Mars squares up with Pluto, it’ll form a clashing vibe for these partnerships. Just be mindful.

            Starting from 19th, a great focus will put upon self-care through Mars in your house of rest. Advice at this point is for you to be more imaginative and thought-full rather than charging like a bull.

            When your season begins, the 22nd, start writing your new year resolutions because they just might flourish next summer.

            The 27th ends Neptune’s five-month nap in Pisces in your fourth house of domesticity, resolving issues with a relative, especially a female one. It’s been a fiery year with Jupiter on your sign charging many changes and lessons – all for which should bring gratitude and a wee reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle (them).

Capricorn: Spread some eco-friendly advice

            Your social side will be asking for lots of energy this month as the Sun is still in Scorpio town until November 22nd. Mercury retrograde, as it does, will be a party pooper and create some clashing views in your social circles. Be super clear and concise in your speech. Allow yourself to breakdown with the past (and present).

            November 5th brings in some professional drama with Mars in Libra crashing with Pluto in Capri. If you are feeling crushed by work responsibilities and roles, then think about what if you changed paths? Make your life easier (and use cloth over paper)!

            Your ruler, Saturn, and Pluto will be in Capricorn for the full moon on the 12th which will bring some creative spotlight onto your name. Just don’t make it official before the retrograde ends. This full moon might attract some newcomers as well…

            Sagittarius season brings you into thoughts of forgiveness and healing. The new moon on the 26th is the perfect period for your inner work and growth. This also compliments the crazy schedules coming up from mid-Nov util early Jan where Mars will be in Scorpio in your eleventh house of social gatherings. Taking care of yourself is also fun in between your DAFT Friday prep and what not.

            End of the month reminds you that it is A-OKAY to ask someone for support, particularly if it is a close friend! Tensions you’ve been feeling with people will digress.

Aquarius: Start a compost pile/bin

            You are kinda on a slow-motion video but you’ll get there, worry not as the Sun is landing in Scorpio in your tenth house of success until late month. Mercury retrograde is here too so just be careful as it tries to sabotage your communication and tech. November 5th is an example of a day you should really lay low as Mars squares with Pluto starting a blame game which we really don’t enjoy playing. Meltdowns might happen so just don’t pile up your emotions (pile compost instead!).

            November 12th opens a way for a much clearer conversation where you will be able to be vulnerable and close some issues you’ve been dealing with. The full moon on this day will be a special day for you to turn down all that is work-related.

            November 19th starts your ambitious streak where deadlines will rampage your agenda. Get your expectation straight and use your friends for support. Watch out for the big stress on the 24th when Mars and Uranus get into a fight in your domestic sector. After the 26th of November you’ll start to feel more in a party mode so get carolling (just don’t let yourself pay all the chocolate bills!!). End of November is a time for you to open up and let yourself be heard.

Pisces: Say no to fast fashion.

            Pisces, don’t go swimming too fast: check your fuel first with Mercury in retrograde until mid-month. Don’t rush this month (stop using fast fashion! Lol). You might think you’re off to great ideas and you are, just don’t expose them just yet.

            Mars will be finishing its seven-week visit in Libra in your seventh house of introspection, playing a strong emotional game. Privacy has been a necessity of yours these past weeks, but as Mars approaches your house of shared material, sex and secrets, you’ll have to use your money-expressing manifestations.

            November 5th will form a square between Mars and Pluto which might breakout your house of teamwork and tech where jealousy surfaces. Stay out of it tbh, or just don’t take it personally. Silver lining: might create some sexual tension with a friend or co-worker (just check how silver the lining is though.).

            Remember those ideas I told you to keep in? November 12th is the time to expose them, yes – be proactive and productive here! Just talk less than you listen. The 19th will brighten up your visions with Mars in Scorpio; the 24th though might not be a great day to communicate those visions with Uranus and Mars in battle.

            Entering Sagittarius season (the 22nd) will be positive as it opens up your tenth house of success. Continuing to the 26th: the new moon will mark a strident confidence move in your projects.

            End of the month brings you into your humanitarian side (CHARITY SHOPS!!) so this holiday season might be a good period for you to give back.

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