December Horoscopes: How Will Your DF Plan Out

Welcome back to my channel! For this festive month of December the stars will forecast your DF story.

General pointers: the 27th this month is, according to our beloved astrologists, the luckiest day of the year with Sun and Jupiter’s unification AND this year closes with the prime five (Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the Sun) partying together.

Aries: Whether you attended the Bridie dinner, were part of the committee or simply came along, DF turned out to be a great networking event for ya.

            Yo so this month has started out to be fairly ambitious and will continue to be. You might have been feeling a bit alienated since November 2018 due to Jupiter’s presence in Sagittarius in your visionary realm. Worry not, you’ll gain your focus now fo sho.

            Gemini’s full moon on the 12th will illuminate your communicative third house. It is time to communicate and use your community to support you while you’re at it. Some days later on the 15th, Jupiter and Uranus will land in your work and finance. Keep your eyes peeled for fruitful opportunities, particularly if your ideas have been about to make it to the big shots.

            Your ambitions really kick start from the 21st when the Sun shifts into Capricorn for one month along with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. What a party (not as big as the one the night before!)!  Christmas will be traditional just like you like it, whilst the day after reiterates the goals you’re setting for the next six months due to a solar eclipse/new moon on the 26th. Have no ideas what goals I am talking about? They will certainly come sooner rather than later. The luckiest day of the year, aka the 27th, stars Jupiter and the Sun in Capricorn. This lucky day will power up your confidence to dream big.

            NYE calls for something exclusive as the moon chills in Pisces in your enchanting twelfth house! Believe in the Law of Attraction here because it really does apply. Don’t drag anything into 2020 that will kill your new mood.

Taurus: Bought the ticket spontaneously on the day and turned out to be the greatest night of my life.

            Focus is key until the 21st this month as the Sun in Sagi illuminates your eighth house of intimacy. It is all about the big picture so don’t get too caught up in the little things. Of course, do calculate your risks as they will support your future 2020 visions, but stay on that revision mindset for now.

            Gemini’s full moon on the 12th of December will stop at your house of worth and money so sign the deal THIS DAY. If no deal is to be signed, then think about budgeting for 2020 (yes, we all love the realities of it don’t we?). December 15th is accompanied by the joint venture of Jupiter with Uranus which will be in Taurus until 2026. Uranus in your first house of self and expansive Jupiter will create the environment for you to be honest, outspoken and pretty innovative with your projects and peoples. Just be sure to look before you cross the road.

            As the Sun runs to Capricorn on the 21st in your “big dreams” ninth house, Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto come along too. Start setting your visions for 2020 because this is the time to dream big. Christmas will prolong these feels and might encourage you to book something adventurous and out of the blue these holidays! If no money no funny, then be OTT festive! December 26th showers you with the final solar eclipse in your opportunities realm which might fire up something which will lead the way the next six months. December 27th (THE LUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR) will be pungent and you will feel absolutely undefeated with Sun and Jupiter meeting up. Finally, right? 2019 was immensely emotion and transitional.

            NYE is officially a party with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter which are all in Capri and you are invited. Celebrate this new energy with whoever you feel like tbh! You will want to let people know of your hopes and dreams so that they keep you accountable of such but hey, don’t be too cautious, just do it! It’ll be a big, festive transition to 2020 so sprinkle it with some spontaneity.

Gemini: Everyone lost you. Or did you lose them?

            Dear Gemini, your relationships this month will be absolutely BUZZING at least until the 21st of December whilst the Sun is in Sagi season. In the beginning of the month you house of intimacy will be powering up, asking you to probably keep it a low profile. You’ll be on the low but with some kind of pungent attraction going on.

            December 12th brings in Gemini’s full moon in your first house of self. The attention will be on you, whether it is an intriguing endeavour or your bed and notably professionally if you have some deadlines! Be well-spoken and concise (don’t examiners love this word?!) in these days. Be mindful the days after this full moon. Jupiter joins Uranus on December 15th in your twelfth house of closure and relinquish which opens up the air for any genius ideas (especially if those ideas help people!).

            As Capricorn season begins on the 21st you’ll be a bit AWOL wanting to be reserved as the Sun comes into your eighth house of privacy. But as Christmas days swerve into your agenda, so does a relationship energy. December 26th highlights a new moon eclipse which might things intensely official. Alongside comes the luckiest day of the year on the 27th which shouts for enormous transformations in your finance, emotions and sensual areas as the Sun annually meets up with Jupiter.

            NYE prolongs the intimate energy whilst Mercury joins Capricorn and the moon chills in Pisces in your tenth house of reputation. Something VIP sounds good. The tenth house also controls LTG (long-term goals) which might illuminate your resolutions for 2020. The energy coming from your detail-oriented eighth house will rule these resolutions so have that 2020 vision! You might need to rethink people in your life or paths you’ve chosen, just don’t get lost doing it.

Cancer: Your date was just an alibi for who you actually wanted to get with that night – and spoilers, you got with the one.

            As the AstroTwins say: “Relationships firstthis month! What the AstroTwins call dynamic duos will be firing up in your stars the next 12 months. Travel for work or love will be on your agenda where you’ll share your creativity and aspirations.

            December 12th hits your twelfth house of closure in Gemini’s full moon. Seems like a chapter in your life is ending? Like Frozen, LET IT GO! Don’t force it though, although Neptune is here fogging up your POV, let time tell (and your dreams might help too!). Later on the 15th Jupiter comes alongside Uranus in your eleventh house of social activity. You know that great friends turn into great lovers?

            The 21st brings Capricorn season with the Sun in your relationship house for a whole month. Something must’ve happened last night with a special someone (hehehe). Even if DF wasn’t the night, December 26th withholds this energy with the last annual solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will magnetise some soulmate searching for sure or deepen connections if there is one in place. On the 27th, aka the luckiest day of the year, the Sol e Jupiter meetup and create this astounding ambient for listening, inciting you to listen and cherish your loved ones.

            NYE calls for you to do something out of your comfort zone or tradition! Make it adventurous, don’t be crabby! 

Leo: You’ll actually not have too many green pints of fun, instead you’ll have one of each colour AND you’ll be the one with no money left for getting everyone on the same diet.

            Yo Leo! The beginning of the month shouts for some balance between work and play so go to all the parties but do your assignments, eat healthy and keep active! Remember everything in moderation! As Saturn and Pluto are joined by Jupiter’s expansive aura, it is time to organise your future before 2020 is official. When Jupiter was in Sagi last, it was more of an experimental phase, yet experiments are over and time to follow a master plan!

            Mid-month Gemini’s full moon on the 12th highlights your house of partnerships and tech encouraging collabs and launches. Later on the 15th Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter will power up your professional areas and urge you to consider: “How can I be more innovative in promoting my skills?”. If you are an entrepreneur think about the path you’ve taken or think about getting some new tech training.

            On the 21st with Capri season on the horizon, festivities will start, however your festivities will be more humanitarian, giving life to your generous and altruistic side. Christmas day will bring in some fun and as soon as the final annual solar eclipse hits on the 26th, you’ll start to rethink some bad habits you’ve picked up. This humanitarian and introspective phase will be a good reflection for 2020 goal planning. The luckiest day of the year, the 27th, will in your sixth house of organisation encouraging you to declutter (whatever you need to declutter!).

            NYE should have your resolution set for 2020, low-key celebrations and restorative thoughts!

Virgo: Either you are part of the show that night or not, people around you will be in for a show and you are the star.

            It’s a fight for both the kiss and the nest – you’ll be in your fourth house of domesticity until the 21st with Sagi in the Sun. Your glamour and passion will be fired up as soon as Capri season starts and your cozy naps will turn into festive naps (perhaps with an extra someone).

            Mid-month, December 12th will bombard you profession with Gemini’s full moon in your tenth house. Smells like promotion and a new career path for the future, it’ll be a decisive day. December 15th brings some spontaneity in all that’s sensual when Jupiter and Uranus lock together in your sexual and intimate eighth house. Something surprising might spark here, perhaps a confession from a certain someone…

            As Capricorn sweeps the floor away on the 21st, the Sun strikes your festive side as well as your creative one, you are about to be the one with the coolest holiday party or the most in-tune, unexpectedly groovy Christmas carol.

            Christmas day is all about family, home, and fuzzy socks HOWEVER the last solar eclipse of the year with Capri’s new moon will shine your light, take a bow Virgo! December 27th brings this spotlight onto another level, reminding you that life has so much passion and fun things (might be a good day to write your resolution!).

            NYE turns into NYD (NEW YEAR’S DATE!) with Neptune in Pisces romanticizing your life and the five planets having a party, you will surely fall into some kind of romance so don’t be daft!

Libra: Your friends will know how much you love them, even after the 128732 pints of fun you’ve downed.

            You’ll be socially fiery until the 21st as the Sagi sun hits your third house. However, as we come into Capri season, your need to rest and nest surges. The next 12 months might open up options for moving.

            December 12th comes to remind you that you should always be honest with Gemini’s full moon. Always be yourself and don’t let others be your validation. Be compassionate as well. Later mid-month on the 15th Jupiter and Uranus come together in the intimate and power-full eighth house urging you to connect with something or someone on a deeper level. Your romantic guard will be down for any suitable soulmates out there.

            When Capri comes in on the 21st, your fleeces and sweats come out as appropriate. This festive season will of course be your AFW (Astrological Fashion Week duh) and you will still be able to fulfil your face mask duties as well as your socialite duties. Christmas day points into time with loved ones and board games; yet on the 26th last solar eclipse comes with a new moon allowing you to deeply connect to your most emotional side, shining how well built your support structure is. The 27th brings in a new dreamy address.

You’ll end 2019 feeling supported and sane. 2020 comes in with a big focus on your domestic and emotional side of life, you will finally feel at home in your own skin independent of others’ validation according to AstroTwins – well heck yeah I can’t wait for this uprising!

Scorpio: you’ll get your mistletoe moment if you know what I mean

            Hello my Scorpio. Realistic or playful? You’ll take a pinch of both in your recipe of life. Your second house of work, safety and finance will be shone upon until the 21st when Sagi season ends. As Jupiter enters Capri on the 21st, limits and boundaries will be of talk.

It’ll be a super socially chaotic month so prioritise people! Mars will give you lots of energy as it makes its biennial visit to you until early January. Mid-month Mars will partner with Neptune which is in Pisces, in your fifth house of passion and expression so watch out for the mistletoes!

            Mid-month will also be a great time for investments that will invite a positive new decade. December 15th forms a partnership between Uranus and Jupiter in your relationship house.  An unexpected friendship might turn into something more whilst simultaneously you need a breather. It is time to compromise and reach of a consensus where you do not lose your independence and you still get the intimacy you desire.

Christmas will be intimate and simple just as you’d want it to be. The day after Xmas will shine the last solar eclipse with Capricorn’s new moon. This may bring exciting news and/or clarifying transformative conversations which set the stage for the next six months. The 27th, aka the luckiest day of the year according to astrologists, will be a moment for you to be outspoken and honest.

NYE will be fairly convivial and uplifting! Your 2020 mission is to connect with the most kindred spirits and seek out your new future. Short trips to get a feel of different places will be on the agenda.

Sagittarius: even from the foggiest of memories of the night, everyone will remember you (and your outfit) 

            You’ve been a bit serious this year, but worry not, you will be all into festivities especially because after all it is your birthday season. Jupiter has been in your sign for one year now as it has been crayyyy and pretty transformative. You’ve experienced with a lot this year and now it is the time to choose the one that stuck – remember that less is more. With the end of expansive Jupiter’s presence between now and the end of the coming year you could travel more, start a healthy romantic relationship and make some ££££. It all depends on your mission and priorities.

            Mid-month Jupiter and Uranus will fall into Gemini’s full moon which will land in your home of partnership. This will be the cherry on top from events dating back to the summer. Full moons are plot twisting agents too, you might end a relationship or finally become official. All depends on what you are looking for!

            December 15th will be kind of intense in the house of wellbeing and help, transforming your work, health or friend group. Prevent any obstacles you might have, perhaps dump your bad habits because they surely won’t be of any positive contribution here.

            As the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st (#byebirthdayseasonL) your second house of stability will be of focus. The Sun will be alongside Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capri all year long and your aspirations for 2020 will certainly get the 2020 vision they deserve.

            The ring of fire, aka the annular solar eclipse on December 26th, will be spiralling your inner shine of outspokenness. On the 27th the Sun meets Jupiter in your material and financial house, firing up luck and alerting you to make some power moves in these areas. Use your potential at this time!

NYE brings together 5 planets: Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your house of the 5 SENSES. Show off your persona!

Capricorn: You’re the only person in your friend group that made it until the very end.

            Well for starters, this is the most important month for you EVER. Yup. Jupiter just arrived in your sign and will stay there for one year and let’s just say YOU’RE WINNING (like all competitive Capris would want)! Since Nov 2018 your sign has been healing and closing some stuff in your inner circle, but you are now coming back as a more mindful competitor. Until December 21st you’ll be able to close off anything that’s been tensing your relationships and projects – make your choices and move on.

            Gemini’s full moon mid-month on the 12th lands on your sixth house of wellbeing and organisation. You will clearly see who’s on your team and who leaked DF theme for a pint of fun. Further into the 15th, Capricorn and Uranus will shine a light on your fifth house of passion and recital where there’ll be pungent attraction and feels. It’ll be positively surprising.

            Capricorn season begins on the 21st and the solar eclipse on the 26th brings in some luck in your professional and projects areas. Your luckiest day of the year will be on the 27th when the Sun and Jupiter get together annually. Bring those projects in and strive!

            NYE reunites Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Sun in your third house of expression. You will be the light and love of the party, inspiring people with your ideas and engaging with people that challenge them (in a positive way ofc). The year to come will be very Capri-centred and you’ll want to be wide awake.

Aquarius: *turns into full hibernation mode December 21st*

            Heck, you are really ready for naps and all hibernation according to to your twelfth house of surrender and release. But hold up Aquarius, before that you’ll be rocking your social side until the 21st whilst Sagi still rules the kingdom. It’ll be the best of both worlds – you’ll party and be social and then you’ll rest and recharge.

            Jupiter, ruler of growth, will stay in Capricorn for a year now. This past year it had been in Sagi which might be the reason why your friend group has extremely changed. It’s time that you heal all what has progressed this last 12 months as Jupiter moves into Capricorn into your twelfth house of rest and closure. Hallelujah! You’ll be living in a receptive energy, like in a child’s pose (*the only part in yoga I actually feel I master).

            Mid-month, on the 12th, Gemini’s full moon sparks your house of pleasure and play which attracts all things romantic, fun and joyful. However, December 15th might be a nostalgic day as Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter land in your house of domesticity.

            As said, on the 21st you will be in your restorative slippers, ready for some “me-time”. Nevertheless, Christmas days bring your social side out of the rabbit hole into quality time with loved ones. Yet it doesn’t stop there, on the 26th the annular eclipse SPARKS with hidden agenda – a blind spot might finally be clarified. Your twelfth house will be in light here, providing closure.

            NYE is very social in the universe when the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury join where Neptune will be in Pisces as well in your second house of sophistication. You might be going to a shmancy event, but of course, a very intimate one. Also keep your friends close and use their advice!

Pisces: the morning after DF: “Why have I added 30 new people on facebook?”

The light at the end of the tunnel is nearer than you think. 2019 has been intense, bringing in lots of responsibilities and perhaps reaching into your highest ambitions. As a water sign, you need lots of water breaks – which hasn’t been happening too often. You might still be wanting tick some boxes so use Jupiter’s presence in Sagittarius through beginning of December!

Mid-month as well will dip into your domesticity when the full moon in Gemini happens on the 12th – prep for home or just throw random pres for HIVE with your loved people. Whilst Jupiter lies in Capricorn with its expansion pixie dust, December 15th shouts out PROJECT (maybe an assignment reaching its due date?) involving technology. Alongside on this day Uranus brings some change and advances in your communication house in Taurus. Your words are powerful, use them to your best (and most appropriate) ability.

Over the course of the month one thing should be clear: be yourself and harmonise people’s expectations as best you can. The full moon clashes with your ruler Neptune and it causes some miscommunications. Careful there!

Capricorn spirit really takes rise around the 21st when the Sun beams into this sign, glorifying your social side. Towards Christmas your moon will be chillin’ with Sagi which will bring your focus to the future. The solar eclipse on the 26th sparks a new moon might bring an enormous shift in your inner circle.

HOLD UP! The solar eclipse on the 27th is when the Sun and Jupiter meet annually (ASTROLOGISTS CALL THIS THE “LUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR”) and new collabs, partnerships or ideas might be flourishing!

NYE brings Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto come together in your social eleventh house which might energise your thoughts into entertainment as well as humanitarian activities. Whatever you are up to, you will be a fairly communal social butterfly!

– Francisca Matias

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