Your Valentines Day and February Horoscopes

L ❤ V E – your V-day is all in the stars. Dates to look out for: V-DAY, 16th, 18th, 21st, 23rd. Collaborations are shining this month, go get’em!

Aries: You’ve got the mojo and magnetism.

            With el Sol in Aquarius in your collaborative eleventh house until the 18th of Feb and Mars in your ninth house of growth until the 16th there’ll be a lot of space to grow with your greatest allies.

            As Venus comes rocking in on the 7th until March 4th, your vibe becomes extra magnetic on Valentines’. With this, the moon will create an enchanting trio with Neptune and Mercury in your twelfth house of fantasy. Either get that fantasy-filled date going or spoil yourself with loads of indulgent self-love.

            Mercury’s retrograde starts on the 16th which might reverse all that is in the twelfth house of illusions and healing. Uncertainties will certainly be on the agenda, but you know what? This can shed light on matters of the past you need to finally deal with to heal.

            The 21st marks Mars and Uranus’s meet in your house of work and monayy. Any innovative ideas you’ve been wanting to invest in at this time are a GO. Keep impulsivity aside though, you do not want to rush into anything during a retrograde.

            The new moon on the 23rd centres your emotions in your house of forgiveness and fantasy. As new moons do, restarting something or decluttering negative feels might be a great thing to do. Also, if V-day wasn’t enough, enjoy the passionate wave of emotions here. Don’t force anything, go with your flowy mojo, things will reveal themselves to you.

Taurus: Fantasy-full.

            Yo Redbull energy this month! Your plans are ready to be revised alongside the realities of your life, snap out of the dreamy blue skies because Glasgow can’t afford to give you that rn. Mars is in your wealthy and intimate eighth house until the 16th of Feb which means you are powerful (careful with how intense you come across tho).

            V-Day is full of duo energy as la Luna is in your seventh house of committed relationships. To add to this partnership vibe, Neptune and Mercury are present in your friendship and Venus in your fantasy-full twelfth house. Heck! Either a long-time mate or someone you’ve just matched on Hinge, this V-day looks very promising. If you’re in a relationship, celebrate what you have!

            PLOT-TWIST. Mercury retrograde starts on the 16th which calls for miscommunications, data failures, past affecting present and all those complexities of life. Particularly, your group- and tech-related eleventh house will be the target. No fear Shakespeare, Mars is here too (with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) in your house of expansion, entrepreneurship, and travel which calls for risk-taking and experimenting. But beware with the retrograde, don’t rush into anything!

            Mars and Uranus have a big date on the 21st in your first house of self which is led by impulsivity and proactiveness. There may be some radical makeover here or change of attitude. Just make sure you don’t go into an extreme that you could’ve avoided. Call your allies, they’ll certainly help you out here. Re allies – the 23rd will be a great day to be innovative with your squad, as the AstroTwins reiterate “Make new friends but keep the old”.

Gemini: Give the platonic and bionic attention.

            *Freedom by George Michael playing in the background*. El Sol will be in Aquarius in your house of adventure, travel and expansion until the 18th of Feb. Time for that 2020 vision. But hey, why do it alone? As Mars flares up in your partnership house until the 16th, dynamic duos are in order.

            V-Day – Venus is in Aries in your friendship realm calling for all things platonic. La Luna will be in Scorpio in your help and health sixth house calling for acts of service (which is a love language). Communicate your affection for your friends by helping them out with something. If you were expecting me to tell you you’d have the best night of your life with your S.O., well, you are not wrong. Mars is in your relationship zone at this time so those in relationships have that sexy date night (but after go for a pint [of fun] with friends!).

            Mercury, your ruling planet, is entering its retrograde until March 9th which might give you cold feet about those undecisive aspects of life. Mercury might (re)connect you with your past, an old co-worker with an opportunity or a contract issue which you thought was fine. You might even doubt your course choice and if it’s something that’s been on your mind speak about it with someone – uni is for experimenting so take advantage of it! Look for those details and don’t make any rash decisions before the retrograde finishes.

            Mars-Uranus trine arrives on the 21st which calls your imaginative and healing twelfth house. Your ideas might be electrifying rn whilst you simultaneously feel vulnerable. Call your squad and have them give you their ears. As these ideas flow, the new moon on the 23rd shine on your profesh side. Look at where you are investing your time – is your path taking you to promotion? Missy Elliott said it best, “Ain’t no shame ladies do your thing, Just make sure you ahead of the game.”

Cancer: Rather passionate!

            It’s been quite the spotlight for you in Jan, yet in Feb you can go back to your cosy shell as the Sun in Aquarius is in your eighth house of intimacy and privacy until the 18th. Cozy? Well the Sun will be heating up your eighth house of eroticism so you might not be alone under that shell.

            As V-Day arrives, your heart might be beating hardcore for a special someone as Scorpio hits your fifth house of passion. Venus will be in Aries from Feb to March dominating your status and stability for that time too. Lots of #couplegoals this V-Day. If you’re single maybe you could finally tell your crush you fancy them? Do this before Mercury enters its retrograde on the 16th as communication will be iffy. For this retrograde advice is to put a pause on projects, proofread essays, careful planning.

            Good news though, Mars will be in Capri (its fav place to be) until late March in your house of commitment (re relationships!). Time for some dynamic duos, as the AstroTwins like to call it. Whilst this is happening, be up front about your thoughts and don’t let resentment build up. Mars in Capri might also bring some jealousy to the surface so do speak out!!

            As the 18th comes in so do the big pictures in your life. As Uranus and Mars meet up on the 21st, teamwork will be lit so it’s the time to be collaborative! The 23rd shines Pisces’ new moon which asks you to be all the more proactive, setting the stage for the next six months!

Leo: The comfort of unconditional love.

            Cupid is really on to you Leo. Until Feb 18th, the Sun will be in Aquarius in your house of promises so you’ll be extra focused on bond-keeping. Check in on your mates, they haven’t shown up to the classic Thursday outing? They might need the company for a sober night in.

            Valentines’ Day la Luna will be in Scorpio in your fourth house of home. This means you might not really be into Valentine luxury rn and that is A-OKAY. Stay home or somewhere you feel comfortable and celebrate the love for friends and fam. Add some cupcakes and comfort food to the mix perhaps too. Contrastingly, Mars is in Sagi in your fifth house of passion and Neptune and Mercury in your eighth house of eroticism. Well… Whatever you do, make sure you’re comfortable because this V-Day will certainly be heartfelt (and sensual for that matter).

            Wow wow, careful from Feb 16th until March 9th as Mercury enters its retrograde. Plans will be plot-twisted, data might be lost, investment indecisions and/or past issues might arise (EX alert!!). Heal, Leo, heal. On the 16th Mars moves into Capri which lands in your sixth house of wellbeing, so really do take this time to revamp your mind & body.

            Alliances should be on your agenda. It is a wonderful time to power up with someone for whatever reason, romantic or business. Look at your inner circle and pick out those MVPs. As the 23rd arrives, so does the new moon in Pisces in your dimensions of finance, sex and emotions. From now until September any bonds you have will be strengthened, just make sure that anything you do that is more “official” is done after the retrograde ends.

Virgo: You technically have two V-days acc to the stars.

            You start up your year (and month) in a very health-conscious mode. You are revamping stuff somehow. Mars is in your 4th house of domesticity until February 16th which points to your home life status. Now, this can be a quite stress-full zone so don’t overanalyse Virgo, as you’ll end up overwhelming yourself a whole lot more.

            V-day is happening in your 3rd house of communication, maybe try and stay around and have meaningful convos. Maybe these chats might lead to spooning commitments – either with ice cream or with someone else. Venus is in your erotic 8th house so ya neva know.

            Around Feb 16th will be filled with lots of sauce. Mercury, your ruling planet, enters its retrograde. If you are signing something, read in between the lines and wait out if you are just unsure. Mars comes into Capri this day too, but in your fifth house of passion! Perhaps V-day didn’t make the cut, so Feb 16th is here for you to shine your confidence and charisma. Just make sure you’re attracting the attention you want.

            As Mars and Uranus form a duo on the 21st you’ll be feeling extra experimental. Take risks and put yourself out there! Plus, Feb 23rd is about making things more official? The new moon on this day spots relationships, personal or business, and opens up a six-month cycle where a key connection could flourish. But if this asks for a signature, wait until March 9th (when the retrograde is over) to sign them. This new moon is building new, strong alliances which should support your decision-making.

Libra: Eventful!

            You start the month off with a fiery passionate, pleasureful, and self-expressed fifth house by el Sol. Time for all things flirtatious and sensual! Mars is in Sagi in your social zone which encourages all HIVE nights, Beer Bar quizzes and Open Mics.

            With V-day comes luxury in Scorpio and a Neptune-Mercury energy which will send you off to some kind of special event. Mercury and Neptune are both in your sensible sixth house, so whatever you do should be mindful? Perhaps a Galentines?

            V-day vibes continue – with Venus in Aries in your relationship realm from the beginning of Feb until March. Single Libras, get the flirt and feel out of the box. Just don’t jump into something too quickly as Mercury enters its retrograde on the 16th which can mean mixed signals. Back up your tech as well with this retrograde. This time might be a tongue-twister, overthinking might be the main dish, and catching the flu will be your dessert.

            Feb 21st marks Uranus and Mars’ meet up in your 8th house of intimacy and intensity. Emotional explosions are on the agenda, aka drunken cries after too many pints (of fun). Sexual and emotional connections are smokin’, however Uranus might do its classic break-move and if he does, it’ll be amicable worry not.

            The 23rd spotlights Pisces’ new moon in your sixth house of productivity. Time for you to revamp all dimensions in your life.

Scorpio: Show your mom some love.

            Feb starts with all that is fam related and that means coziness and tea until Feb 18th. No lazy energy though, Mars will be present until around the same time which will power home office vibes.

            La luna is in Scorpio this Valentines’ day and you are certainly Cupid’s target. It’s a day to celebrate love, whether for friends, S.O. or fam. Your beauty and wellness zones will be lit so your outfit will surely be fire. At this time your family fourth house is pretty high, so send your mom (or another female relative) some love whether it’s spiritual, virtual or even better visit her!

            After this lush, chill vibe Mercury makes an entrance into retrograde mode on the 16th until beginning of March. Your fifth house of love, self-expression and creativity will be in Mercury’s hands. Hints: exes can rise so no assumptions, hold back on projects, if in doubt do filter your cheekiness. This filter should be maintained all through until end of March as Mars heats up your communicative sector.

            Uranus and Mars meet up on the 21st and spark some connection with someone you probably thought of as a friend. Professionally, this is a time that favours cooperation with someone else in a “trial” kind of way.

            Feb 23rd rocks up as Pisces’ new moon floods your emotions, opens up fears, propagates ugly drunk cries and maybe even a new romance. Just remember to let bygones be bygones! This day is also critically creative so shine your talents!

Sagittarius: Intimate encounters.

            You’ve been chosen by the stars to keep the energy high. Mars will be with you until mid Feb so your ambition will be on a high. Don’t worry about your self-care, there’ll be plenty of time for that later on during the month. Feb will be a(nother) victory.

            Valentines’ energy is sending you in multiple directions, yet with Venus in Aries in your passionate fifth house until the start of March, you might just be in for a hot adventure. And this adventure should be kept isolated and intimate. If you’re single, well then this is a chance for you to indulge in a bubble bath.

            Feb 16th starts out with Mercury’s retrograde in your fourth house of domesticity, triggering some tensions. Yikes. This trickster might trample your electronics. Feelings will be on high with pretty much anything so try to be as reflective as possible, use this time to heal if need be.

            Mars forms a trine with Uranus on the 21st in your 6th house of organisation, wellbeing and work. It is time for that radical change, but when you do ensure you have the support to do so.

            The 23rd is filled up with the new moon landing in your very personal agenda. Living situation might be changing? Spending way too much time (and money) hiving so maybe meet up with your friends for a wholesome meal? Anyways, something is being called-out. This weekend sure deserves a Sunday Fun-day or brunch. Either or, refuel for yet another powerful semester.

Capricorn: Indecisive?

            WOAH, what a party. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn were with you all through Jan, yet Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn decided to stay for Feb. Personal duties have taken over your agenda, finally some time for yourself. Your ambitions will be put on hold until mid-February, until then, Mars is in your 12th house of rest which calls for reflection and deep sleep.

            Venus is in Aries in your domestic house for Valentines along with Mars in Sagi. Scorpio will also be in your social zone. Your mind will be telling you to go out, but your body will be asking for a night in. Maybe put two and two together, escape to something cosy? To add to this, Mercury and Neptune will be in your communicative house – time to express gratitude for those who’ve your back.

            This gratitude will literally bounce back as in Feb 16th Mercury comes into retrograde in your third house of “interpersonal affairs”, aka be clear and cautious when you talk. Perhaps speak to your pals before you make any decision. As per usual, back up your data as Mercury tends to scramble with tech.

            As the Sun visits Pisces on the 18th, you’ll be quite the communicator and sometimes putting a filter is necessary to deliver a message. Mars and Uranus have a date on the 21st in your romantic fifth house. One of your projects might be attracting lots of eyes, just make sure your ego is levelled.

            Along these bonds, Feb 23rd shines the new moon in Pisces which might end in a brainstorming sesh about new aspirations. Who knows? Elections are coming up in GUU and you might be the next greatest PSM or convenor? Whatever it is, do it!

Aquarius: A for ambition.

            Go shawty it’s your b-day! The Sun is here until Feb 18th so everything personal is sparking. Mars and Sagi are all up in your social life so it’s def time to enjoy your popularity.

            Valentines’ Day arrives in your 10th house of ambition. Whatever you are (single, taken, whatever) immerse in all that’s fun, be ambitious. Also, Venus will be in your social zone until beginning of March so fortify those bonds!

            Mercury retrograde comes from Feb 16th until March fogging up some finances and profesh issues. How to deal? Make plans simple and back up your data. If you’ve recently started a bad habit, this energy will support getting rid of it.

            Feb 16th is also going to be galvanizing. Mars will be in Capri in your house of healing. If you are working on your dissertation, Mars has your back. If something painful has happened, your inner work might not be finished so focus on getting some support. Re love, bluntly, stop engaging with troubling patterns and see people for who they actually are, not for who you want them to be!

            The Mars-Uranus meet on the 21st is a good date to draw clear boundaries and sort stuff out. You might move flats and there’s a chance that you might even get (someone) pregnant (SURPRISE!).

            The new moon on the 23rd brings all motivation back into your status – from today until beginning of September, you’ll have the time to make concrete all those aspirations.

Pisces: You’ll have a risk-taking Valentines’ – are you doing Fight Night?

            Time to regulate the stream, as the AstroTwins advise “working harder, not smarter” is something to have in mind. You’ll be in your house of healing until Aquarius season is over so self-care is a must.

            But what you really want to know is Valentines’ Day, right? Adventure and glamour from what I hear. The moon will be in Scorpio, your 9th house of risk-taking and travel. Neptune and Mercury are also here to spice things up so you might want to do something different this year (we all love HIVE but have you tried the WELL?).

Mars and Sagi are in your profesh dimension until Feb 16th making uni work pace at the speed of light. Just because you are in a moment of self-care, doesn’t mean you should pass on great career opportunities so work on that equilibrium.

            Mercury’s retrograde comes in on the 16th until March 9th influencing your communicative, techy and travel dimensions to be a bit loony. You’ve been chosen by Mercury so you’ll likely feel misunderstood by the end of this retrograde. On the other hand, it’s a good time to get those creative projects from the box of dreams.

            Friends will be highlighted on Feb 16th to March 30th in your 11th house of tech and team. Maybe that dating app has something colourful flourishing? Chemistry here can be romantic or nah, don’t ignore it either way.

            Birthday season starts on the 18th WOOOO. Mars and Uranus meet on the 21st sparking fun projects and clear communication. Plus, ‘tis the season to lift your energies as the 23rd shines your only new moon, which puts an official start to your new year resolutions. “Turn your obstacles into opportunities!”

~ Francisca Matias

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