How have the stars aligned for March?

We’re all pretty tired of the election chat and all that jazz so I thought it’d be time to give you the astrological break down in my very simplest way this month. Better things this month – retrograde over in the beginning of March & structural Saturn is here to actually finally sort your life out.


What’s up Aries? The first three weeks of March will be rest-full with the Sun in Pisces in your twelfth house of relaxation. Time to recharge before your big B-day. 

As Aries season begins on the 19ththe Sun comes rushing in with all Spring vibes (hopefully it sticks in gloomy Glasgow). The dreamy and quite nostalgic ambiance you’ve had these past few weeks will especially unleash on March 24thwith Aries’ new moon – 2020 officially starts here for you. 

Although 2020 feels will only boom there and then, the month’s headline will come on the 21stwhen Saturn enters Aquarius in you eleventh house of collabs (first time since 1991 :O). Saturn (aka my fav planet) will bring in the most almighty and powerful connections until July 1st. Maturity will be a necessity here as you juggle group dynamics, so Alessia Cara’s The Pains of Growing is a nice one to have a listen to. 

As Capri is square to Aries (aka beef), this Saturn cycle might feel a bit harsh and bring in some learning around your ego and power. However Saturn in Aquarius will help you make sense of what’s happenin’ and give you some air. 

Your ruler Mars will be moving into Aquarius at the end of the month, bringing in some more intense emotions. What to do: don’t rush into anything, keep business-business and friends-friends, and clear communication channels.


What’s a bull without its herd? Nothing. As the Sun makes its annual visit to Pisces until the 19th, your group dynamics will be more present than ever, whether that’s professional networking or hanging with your squad. It’s also all the more time for getting out of your comfort zone with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all eager for some risk-taking.

Cheerful energies until mid-month as the Sun comes into Aries in your twelfth house of rest on the 19th. Try to take a chill pill, don’t force agendas, e.g. if the Well is not open on Sat then it’s probably for the best of your health and perhaps do some forgiving, e.g. forgiving the Union Kitchen for having no chips for a solid week. Clean and clear slates are calling, especially as your b-day is just ‘round the corner.  Yeah bulls are strong, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need some rest from time to time.

The 24thopens up with a new moon, gearing you towards some new directions. You’ll be Glee-ing your way though some new situations where research from RELIABLE sources will be the only productive thing you may do. Accept that sometimes what you can do shouldn’t always carry too many expectations.

As Saturn moves into Aquarius so does this month’s headline arrives on the 21st. Saturn will be landing in its home tenth house of career and ambitions which will be testing your nerve. A big time for “walk it like you talk it” vibes. Also an important guy relationship might be maturing where boundaries are being set and structure is at the heart of the solution.

Saturn collabs with Mars on the 31stwhere balance is key, don’t let anyone push you around but also don’t feed their objections. Be patient.


            Ambition is calling Gem whilst the Sun is in Pisces in your tenth house of ambition until the 19th. As your ruling planet, Merc, is in retrograde until the 9th, you’ll still have some setbacks which you won’t be really able to control.

            Your eighth house of intimacy will be powered by the quartet: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Establishing a relationship into the official, whether business or romantic, is what’s on rn. Trust issues around the 23rdmight spark, but you know if the relationship can’t pass a difficult phase then why stick to it? Ignorance is not bliss and shady-ness ain’t welcome.

            Some air returns on March 19thas the Sun plans its visit to Aries in tour eleventh house of sociability. Let some newcomers join you in dominating the world – great minds think alike. 

            The 21stwill bump up your headlines as Saturn is in Aquarius in your travel and educational ninth house. Any lessons learnt will be quite visible at this period in time and remember: how can you win if you quit? This Saturn cycle may also mean a relocation or that your main message is on its way to the public. 

            March 31stmarks Saturn and Mars meet up which is exclusive to the bold – yes that include you Gem.


            Share, teach and study ideas and in general open up like those (rare) beautiful blue skies we love in Glasgow. As Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto landed in your seventh house of committed relationships sooo ally up (not bring sally up).

            As the Sun shifts into Aries in your tenth house of ambition and structure on the 19th, you’ll start checking off some stuff off your list, e.g. taking advantage of the union’s two libraries apart from attending HIVE and Well. These actions might just set the pace for what’s to come in the next six months.

            March 21stsets the scene as Saturn arrives for its 3-year journey through Aquarius and your eighth house of intimacy. During such period contexts regarding trust, power and intimacy will be booming. Structure Saturn will help you recognise what moves will actually sustain. It’s an important time for intimate reflection because you’ll resurface so much stronger!

Mars and Pluto are partnering up in Capri around the 23rdwhich might spice things up in terms of comparisons and competition. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, gossiping and undermining then perhaps it’s time to find a professional to hear you out. Don’t rush into any pending decisions, research wisely and don’t let fear overtake what could be an awesome opportunity, aka instead of joining one of the committees of the union because someone told you so, research which one would be best (cough libraries cough). 


            El Sol is lighting up your intense and intimate eighth house until March 19th. Focus on the fine details and you’ll be fab. Also another fine thing – this month might be a Valentines’ day Part II. 

            As Mars and Jupi meet on the 19th, your motivation will go through the roof and committing to a new something might be in order! Who knows? Maybe filling in that application for Freshers’ Helper or a committee might be your next strong move.

            Ignoring that cough or that pain in your foot or that achy breaky heart? This is the month to treat that and this is not through a google search. Your sixth house of helpful people will be quite apparent here as you look for a specialist.

            Aries season arrives on the 19thin your ninth house of entrepreneurship and expansion. Get your mindsets running but don’t stick to one direction because we all know how that ended up and it wasn’t the best song ever.

            As Saturn enters its 3-year long journey through Aquarius, commitments will be the talk of the town, profesh or romantic. Do your values align with those you have important commitments with? Set those boundaries and structure. Don’t rush into anything though! As I said, you have 3 years. 

            March 23rdcalls for healthy outlets rather emotion explosions. As the new moon arrives the day after, ideas and sharing experiences might mark their spot on the mic. It brings a quite visionary period. Balance your head to heart. 


            Partnerships! Until the March 19ththe Sun will be powering bonds. As the cosmic quartet – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn – power some creativity and passion, you’ll have all that is artsy fartsy surfacing. 

            As Mars and Jupiter meet on the 20th, all this passion can also be the cherry on top of an emotion you’ve been bottling up. Find healthy outlets – particularly as Saturn visits your sixth house of health. Self-care in the (your ruler’s) house! Gut health is big here, perhaps it’s not really the diet you need to change but the roots of anxiety that affect it. Saturn will be in town for the next 3 years which is perfect for a self-improvement plan and for you to gain some sustainable structures. The 23rdprolongs this reflective energy through some competition. Watch for passive-aggressive tendencies, especially where it entails your achy breaky heart. 

            The 24thcalls Aries’ new moon for commitments which will progress for the next six months. A new chapter, whether relationships or finance, will reveal itself in ways where you will def gain. 


            Time to get yourself sooorted in all the dimensions of your sweet sweaty life. As the Sun is in Pisces in your health-concerned sixth house until the 19thand with Mercury finishing its retrograde by the 9th, you might just be up for some curing. Self-care will be predominant this month and sending extra attention to your momma might be a good point to follow if you don’t follow into your old unconscious patterns of guilt-driven co-dependent obligation.

Mixed signals are bound to happen until the retrograde ends in the beginning of the month so stop thinking about what you told your crush in Beer Bar. Life is ephemeral and drunk nights shouldn’t be given too much bickering if no one was hurt. 

            On the 20thyou’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve when Mars and Jupi meet up. This is a great time to take some risks on love! Partnerships are a headline from the 19thas the Sun starts its month visit to Aries in your seventh house of relationships. Perhaps your perfect ball plus-one or the right business ally? The 21ststares Saturn in its starting 3-year long visit through Aquarius in your passionate and creative fifth house. You’ll actually be given the power to choose a SO that has their life together (:O I’m awfully unconvinced but curious rn). 

            Well Libra these past months have been hardcore for you and you’ve certainly been exhausted. Worry not though, nobody will shake you up to as you learn to actually take pride in life’s shizzles – a thing Saturn is quite an expert on. 


            Hey social butterfly, guess what? Some passionate socializing is in order with Sun in Pisces in your fifth house of romance until the 19th. You got the buzzzz!

            The passions prolong after the 19thas Mars and Jupiter meet up this day and put all the hype on your plate. Share your big ideas but listen to those who might know what they’re talking about too! You never know, maybe listening to others first might actually put in place the frameworks with which you are working with. This will be an important thing to remember on the 23rd

            El Sol moves into Aries as well but in your sixth house of wellbeing. Spring clean-ups will be great rn. Following this, the new moon on the 24thmight set the perfect ambiance for you to plan a healthy routine.

            Saturn has been in your communication house for three years now which has helped you practice how to be direct but compassionate. As Saturn squares with your Sun, it tests your will to restructure parts of your life with no corners cut. This will be felt to an extreme intensity for Scorpio’s with birthdays in the earliest degree of the sign (Oct. 23-25). But worry not, this phase is actually strengthening your emotions and anchoring your sense of self. 


            Pull the anchor! March begins with all senses for security and stability – a headline for your 2020. Doesn’t sound so bad does it? Sun in Pisces in your fourth house of domesticity will power until the 19thwhich tells you to nest. Sociability will continue and you will have to go to the lectures and meetings, but just make sure that every time you interrupt this time of rest it is for a productive reason. 

            Saturn is in its 3-year long journey though Aquarius in your third house of communication. This will be a great time to express yourself which gradually will only improve. As sustainable as Saturn is, it won’t cause you to rush into something that hasn’t been properly crafted. Learn from experts as they will prove to be great resources here.

            Throughout the month a quartet – Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto – will be visiting you and they hope to bring in some new habits and changes in your lifestyle. Even more, on the 20thMars and Jupiter meet up which props up opportunity and risk-taking. Uh oh, flares on the 23rdas Mars and Pluto unite – obsessions and triggering situations might be on the menu so now that you know, don’t ring the Beer Bar bell just because someone challenged you.

            The new moon on the 24thwhich sets the scene for romance for the next six months. Don’t force things with someone who is clearly not serious about the relationship. Enjoy though the spontaneity that comes with a relationship and with other partnerships.


            March – M is for mingling! The Sun in Pisces will be in your third house of sociability until the 19th. The quartet – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars – are in Capri which only ever happens every few centuries. This spotlight is a great opportunity to be as magnetic, confident and charismatic as you possibly can. Let the admirer gate open!

            Mars and Jupiter meet in your sign on the 20thwhich might throw your caution completely out of the map. And to make it more intense, Mars is join Pluto in your sign on the 23rdwhich could make you quite jealous and competitive. Watch out how you come across.

            As el Sol moves into Aries and your domestic fourth house so does your heart for some rest. The new moon on the 24thwill reiterate this emotional anchoring. However, before that, on the 21stSaturn continues in your house of self which has made you more confident however has made you confront your insecurities. It will most probably continue this way, but this time you are more confident and defiant. 

            Major motivation surges will come from the 30thwhich is when Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius (only happens every two years!). The mojo will be: I can. Celebrate the smaller wins instead of trying to make huge, uncertain moves.


            The planet of structured sustainability and maturity will be in your sign since the 21stthis month for THREE YEARS. You are in the best position to invest into your personal ambitions, but before you get into this, make sure all your dues are paid. It’s a marathonnot a sprint so keep the pace.

            A cosmic quartet is in the house – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – highlighting your healing twelfth house. At this point, some hidden agenda might surface and with that so does guilt and regret. Give your intuition space to guide you. It is literally a perfect time for you to get rid of some bottled up feelings as you get ready for Saturn’s three-year parehh.

            Aries season starts on the 19thin your communications house. On the 20thMars and Jupiter meet up which marks a beautiful ambiance for you to do some goodwill and be generous because you’ll surely and karmically get it back. On the contrast, the 23rdstares Mars and Pluto’s mash which might make you feel extra paranoid – investigate this intuition of yours but don’t trigger anyone if you can avoid it.

            The new moon on the 24thsparks up your ideas and some lovely connections which sets the mood for the next six months. Had a really cool idea during your sleep? Write it down!

            Right – SATURN! Saturn will be in your sign for a long time and it’s here to power up your wisdom and strength. You’ve been quite affected by personal/emotional situations, either emotional and/or physical. You have something weighing you down which expert Saturn will be great in taking care of. Level up tank of fish! 


            Birthday season whaaaat. The Sun is in your sign until March 19thAAND you have a quartet – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn – in your eleventh house of collabs. I’m pretty sure you’ll be hosting the party and/or pres of the century tbh. 

            Your second house of money and work will be highlighted as the Sun moves into Aries so time to be ambitious. March 20thshows itself to be the best day to pitch your ideas and make inspiring connections. Power struggles will be around at this time, especially on the 23rd, which will be good to pay attention to. Take a strategic stand and look at the silence more than words.

            The new moon on the 24thlands in your second house of finances and security which calls for healthy habits!! Skin care perhaps? In fact, some days before on the 21st, it is the day Saturn moves into Aquarius and marks the day that will set the tone for the next three years. Your twelfth house of closure and healing will be the target here so use this self-care to power through. You have quite the gist in healing so use this with a purpose and perhaps work with an expert.

            Chin up, self-care and healing. You’ll be extra accident-prone on the 31stas Mars and Saturn mash so again, have that healthy outlet just in case. 

Your truly,


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