April Horoscopes, with a twist please*

This month the stars will tell you what you really should be doing during your lockdown dayz. And trust me, you’ll want to know.

Aries – you will be marketing yourself in different ways. Maybe you really are that influencer you’ve always dreamed of being.

Shawty, it’s your birthday season! And as much as this is exciting, we know you’re a bit gutted it’s in these circumstances, but hey, all the more reasons to eat (A LOT OF) cake! Be positive about this one, find the silver-lining. The Sun will be in your sign until April 19thwhich will motivate you to try new things (or tiktoks). 

Pluto and Jupiter meet up early on in the month, 04/04, which will land in your profesh and accountability tenth house. This will not only weigh in on the day, but the days surrounding will renew your professional trek. Notably, many are at wobbly situations and are uncertain of their job security. At this point you’ll start feeling what you really want to do to change this. Hang on though, don’t do this alone – April 7thbrings in Libra’s fill moon which shines your partnership realm. Turning points here – is long distance working? You might be finally making adjustments into deep commitment.

Midmonth the Sun gets into two battles which can pressurise egos – 14/04 the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capri lock-in in your tenth house of rules and 21/04 Sun v. Saturn bust down your ninth house of cooperation. Stubbornness Aries, I think you know quite well what this means so don’t overexaggerate anything. These two days might bring your buzz down, ensure you feed yourself with the most positive energies this day.

Some grounding vibes are lit by the arrival of the Taurus season on the 19/04, it truly hit the bull’s eye! These vibes will bring in as well some productivity which will be boosted on the 22ndwith the new moon. 

To end this month, Pluto enters its annual retrograde on the 25/04. As rare as it is, this retrograde brings in some positivity. Retrogrades, as usual, bring in trials of the past, which in all its ‘goodness’ will bring some much-needed healing. The Sun, by the 26/04 is meeting up with Uranus (very social Sun!!) and will bring you the “Aha!” moment you wished for regarding your profesh life – new sources of income ding ding!

Taurus – keep a journal and refleeeeeect!

The 3 R’s kind of apply during Aries season (first three weeks of this month). It is time for you to reduce, reuse and recycle some ideas and get in touch with your twelfth house of healing.

The beginning of the month arrives with Jupiter’s and Pluto’s first meet up (out of three this year), which will settle in your ninth house of risks and dynamic duos. Lockdown does not mean your whole body goes with it too, you still have your whole brain to be imaginative with within the confined space you habit presently. You really will go through some kind of transformation here and when you do, consider the best ways to use it as a contribution to the world. As the Libra full moon arrives on the 7th, you’ll be able to start prototyping your ideas. This full moon will also be a beautiful time for spring cleans and medical resolutions! I would even suggest going sober for the next few weeks, but I know how much of a joke that might sound to some/everyone.

The Sun causes some clashes midmonth with Pluto on the 14thand Jupiter on the 15th, domino style really. This time is quite delusional (just like the time when you thought 5 pints of fun would be nothing and actually may have taken you too far). Don’t go for promises you can’t keep bull!

Moving on to the end of the month, aka your birthday season, there’ll be a new moon on the 22nd which will mark fresh starts and aspirations for the next 6 months. On the 25thPluto will be moving into its five-month retrograde in Capri in your ninth house of expansion. At this time, when in doubt move slower and don’t rush into things. It’ll be a good time to be more spiritual for some personal growth gains! Lastly as the Sun meets up with Uranus on the 26th, you’ll get the opportunity to share your ideas appropriately. 

Gemini – watch emotional movies and cry. 

Sun is settling into your active and teamwork-full eleventh house in the first three weeks of April. And yes, quarantine and lockdowns do not really trigger thoughts along these lines, HOWEVER join those online quizzes (Beer Bar one on Monday) and create petitions for online HIVE. You want to take advantage of this vibe whilst it lasts and as the innovative character you are!

This creativity and passion will drive through Libra’s new moon on the 07/04 with much power in your fifth house of play and passion. Not such a good time for date planning is it? Why don’t you try to find ways to connect virtually? Option 1: go through the ins and outs of Hinge, Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble; Option 2: confess your love on GlasH**. If you’re into music, why don’t you put some videos up of your talents? Let your creative and passionate side play out!

The Sun is quite social midmonth, meeting up with Pluto on 14/04 and Capri on 15/04. This shiny openness is quite reflective from you rn as it lands in your eleventh house of collabs. Do it, go for it, just be wary of sharks and snakes (funny how both start with ‘s’). No rush these days, so don’t hurry any commitments. As well midmonth comes Taurus season which swiftly leaps into your twelfth house of rest, so enjoy this time in your cocoon. 

The 20s bring some emotions. On the 22/04 the new moon in Taurus will be very clarifying re. your purpose so really listen to your intuition here, it’ll set the scene for the next six months. The 25/04 follows this reflection with Pluto’s five-month retrograde start which will fall into your eighth house of intimacy. The vibe here links to your trust (issues), vulnerability and how you deal with those in relation to relationships (profesh, fam, love, pals).

Cancer – keep your allies close! 

April is usually a month for your career, so use those Zoom lectures and seminars to your benefit (and the 24h exams as well ofc). Take the bull by the horns, it’s your time to take the lead!

07/04 magnifies your domestic realm as Libra’s full moon takes place. Due to the situation at hand, aka long hours with the same people, tension might have sprouted so it is time to clear them away! If you alone during this time, take time to call a pal and set a home-made Beer Bar scene. Just make sure all energies are positive rn, as full moons can bring in lots of emotions.

El Sol is quite the social butterfly this month and will be clashing with Pluto (14/04) and with Jupiter (15/04). Both these planets are in Capri and in your relationship area. Problem here might be getting the right balance between keeping up with uni friends and your uni assignments. Special attention on the Sun-Jupiter encounter as it will make you overestimate your loads, so get sharing tasks. 

As Taurus season begins on the 19th, the Sun settles into your eleventh house of teams and tech. This will open up an airy communication channel to which you can use to your advantage (especially if you got some group assignments pending!!). The new moon in Taurus on the 22ndwill surely set this up as well. Just ensure you get the day off from communications on the 21stas the Sun and Mars are clashing and are creating frustrating vibes. 

Pluto starts its five-month retrograde on the 25/04 which will be in your relationship zone! Time to analyse your relationships, whether friends, family, romantic, work, etc. As custom from retrogrades, the past may flourish and you’ll perhaps have to deal with some unfinished business. On this same day Sun and Uranus get together (it’s a once a year thing) and will bring you surprising tings. 

Leo – necessity is the mother of invention 

The Sun is in Aries until the 19/04 in your ninth house of travel and expansion! Yes, during a time like this, this may seem like a wildcard. But you know what, this is where your creative, innovative and faithful self “shine[s] bright like a diamond” and abolishes boredom. 

Libra’s full moon comes on the 7thwith lots of expression. Want to express some gratitude, selflessness, or just pure joy of being able to breathe? Get your heart locked on initiatives in your neighbourhood, e.g. going grocery shopping for elderly neighbours, home-schooling, and all that wonderful jazz! Mars and Uranus will also be at clash this day and it might also be a good idea to clear up some tensions with certain people. 

Midmonth brings the Sun’s social time! 14/04 will be Sun v. Pluto in your ninth house of adventure which is very risk-taking, but as well very conscious of the risks involved. The world is going absolutely neurotic and you do not need to join this path – take the necessary precautions and no more than that. As L Devine puts it, “peer pressure, nothing gon’ save me”. 

Everything smoothens as the Sun moves into Taurus season on the 19/04. Priorities will be set as the new moon on the 22ndbring in chances for you to shine your best light. These chances will set the stage for the next six months!!

Pluto starts its five-month retrograde on the 25/04 which will highlight your wellbeing. Again, listen to the precautions that are being suggested by PROFESSIONALS. On this professional note, on the 16ththe Sun and Uranus meet up which might light up your job path and this might be an opportunity to go up in the hierarchy or just completely out. Anywho, have faith in your ideas. 

Virgo – projects, projects and projects!

My dearest Virgo, this Aries season will be lit up by the Sun in your eighth house of privacy and intimacy. You are in luck as self-isolation really does fall with the stars this month. It’s time for you to really concentrate on projects that matter.

The 7thbrings in Libra’s full moon which will land in your second house of finance and routine. Things are changing, and if you’ve been struck by unemployment, chances are that it will get better from today, lol cliché but tru. Any projects you’ve been working on since the end of September could climax here. The Mars-Uranus square at this time will probably benefit your small steps, not your big, rushed leaps. 

Midmonth the Sun comes, shiny as ever, and meeting many planets. The first two meets will be in your fifth house of expression, the 14/04 Pluto-Sun and 15/04 Jupiter-Sun. Control issues will lead the former and over-expression will fool you on the latter. Be very as cautious these days as you are when your 16 year old self came back from alcohol-induced nights out and didn’t want your parents to wake up.

As the Sun starts its voyage in Taurus season, your adventurous ninth house will be lit. Let’s not take this as literally and perhaps focus on the variety of journeys your emotions are taking right now. Express that in creative ways! The new moon in Taurus on the 22ndgives you the faith to take some personal development time – podcasts, videos, virtual activities are what you might be looking for. 

The 25/04 sets the stage for Pluto to start its five-month retrograde in your romantic fifth house (now this is exciting!)!! As per usual, retrogrades surface the past which might reflect our progression or might open up that blind spot which feed relationship turning points. This opens up space for the Sun-Uranus meet-up as it makes you look into your personal expansion plans and progressions. Follow your instincts!

Libra – make your cocoon the place to be and strengthen your bonds while you’re at it.

Hola! El Sol will be in Aries until 19/04 in your partnership zone. We all know Libras are lovers of community. Well, in times like these, you are still able to fortify those bonds you need so much in your life so don’t you give up (“nanana let me love youuuu” thanks Biebs).

April 7thbrings in your own full moon. This lunar boost will really pin a project you’ve been working on since September. As much as it might not seem feasible, you should put yourself out there and mark your territory. On this same day Mars and Uranus lock into a fairly tense square which might feel like you’re being extremely, annoyingly over-positive in relation to all the catastrophe that’s been going on (I admit this might be me). First of all, smile for all the haters; second of all, be sensitive to what others might be feeling rn; third of all, break the ice and do a Just Dance Zoom partay. 

Midmonth the Sun will start being very social. April 14thstarts by marking the Sun-Pluto square followed by the 15/04 Jupiter-Sun square – both in your domestic realm. People who you are currently stuck with will get under your beautiful skin so I suggest discuss space and duties. This can strengthen your bonds more than anything so mark your boundaries.

As Taurus season starts in your eighth house of intimacy on the 19thyou’ll really crave the cocoon vibe. Even though this is the vibe, on the 22ndthe new moon will really spark your imagination within your finance zone. The pandemic has struck many bank accounts, and as much as I hope it wasn’t you, I also know you’ll be alright if it were. 

April 25thcelebrates Pluto’s five-month retrograde in Capri and your fourth house of domesticity. Celebration? Yes, because it is a time for you to heal and resolve any issues pending. It will help you practice your power, something you tend to forget when consistently trying to make others happy.

Scorpio – indulge in the purest of self-care activities.

Aries season will embark in your helpful peoples and wellbeing zone which sounds kind of possible right now. Participating in UofG Sport lives or Youtube fitness videos or helping some neighbours might be great hacks for your soul rn. Keep busy, like HIVE Thurs busy!

The full moon in Libra happens on the 7thin your closure & healing realms which makes it a perfect time for a let go. You might feel extra tired today as well because your twelfth house of sleep will be a headline. Pay attention to your cosmic dreams and nurture an environment of self-care. Mars-Uranus are squaring on this date too so heads up for some family drama. (I vote just sleep it through)

Midmonth the Sun starts its social activities starting on the 15/04 with Pluto and then on the 15/04 with Jupiter. These squares will be targeting your house of communication which might drive you into analysis paralysis. Watch out for that and escape any fixations you might fall for.

As the Sun moves on to Taurus season on the 19th, your focus will change to your partnership zone which with the new moon on the 22nd, a new section in your relationships will play-out for the next six months – maybe your GlasH** post really worked its charm. You might even be offered a deal. Think it through Scorpio!

Pluto’s five-month retrograde starts on the 25/04 in your communication house! Pausing relationships which have brought some clear struggles is the best rn, follow your instinct, but don’t just see your side of things. Be less defensive and allow the other party to be listened to BY YOU. It’s also a good idea here to not block out your inner circle, unless that is being the cause for concern. Speak to a therapist and talk it out. The 26thSun-Uranus square will be a great booster if you’re trying to make a move on a partnership.

Sagittarius – get your green thumb going. 

Romance and creativity will rule the first weeks of April whilst the Sun is in Aries. Creativity and imagination will be especially fruitful in times like these, especially as your fifth house of entertainment IS LIT.

Libra’s full moon on the 07/04 will bring your eleventh house of teams and tech into focus. Any collabs you’ve been working on could finally flaunt! The next two weeks are ideal for any launches so get your hands dirty – be surrounded by people who applaud and support you while you’re at it just like when you strawpedo! Mars and Uranus make a funny square today which might not really open up your heart to feedback or criticism, ooft.

Midmonth brings in the Sun’s squares, firstly with Pluto on the 14thand then on the 15thwith Jupiter. The stars think that you’ve been over-indulging yourself with stuff that are really not that good for you. Talk to someone about it (actually do it this time).

The Taurus season starts on the 19thand brings in a new moon on the 22ndwhich will really create the perfect vibe for the spring clean-up you’ve been subconsciously wanting (/needing) to do. Feeling overwhelmed these days is normal and focusing on your wellbeing is most important rn. 

April 25thpresents Pluto’s start in its five-month retrograde. Finance at this time will either dry out or will only be ready for harvest in the fall (proud of this analogy let me be honest). The past will resurface dusty skills and/or people which might be of help in keeping your enterprise. This retrograde will test your fears and insecurities, but you can do it if your head is in the right place (hopefully attached to your neck). Get some plants growing, nature will really be a point of release during these stressful times.

Capricorn – get buuuuuuusy.

Dear Capri, aren’t you happy? (A+ for the rhyme) The Sun is in your domestic zone for the first three weeks of April whilst it’s Aries season. You’ll be glad to know you’re in the right place rn, it’s the time to reconnect to the idea of ‘home’ not being the uni lib. 

The Libra full moon on the 7thwill shine the light on any projects you’ve been working since September. Energies rn are quite difficult to navigate, however the best approach for you is to be flexible to anything that is required. Instead of getting upset at any transformations your career path is taking, get busy instead. Reach out to the role models in your fam (or in your life) and get their advice!

Midmonth the Sun starts squaring with different planets, first with Pluto on the 14thand then with Jupiter on the 15th. The main point with these squares are for you to disengage with people that are draining your energy if you can. Don’t fall into screamy arguments because you know those blowouts won’t take you anywhere. Get a safe space in your home to distance yourself when it gets steamy, alike the Bridie or Elliot libraries in the onion.

Get ready for the 25thas Pluto starts its five-month retrograde in your first house of self!! Pluto has been in world Capri since 2008 and will be until 2024. This cycle has been fairly reflective and transformational so digest the last 12 years with the honour you digest a Union Kitchen Chicken/Vegan Burger (yes capitalised). Brainstorm it in your scrapbook! A big thing this month for this retrograde is to bring on the old trends to the new, so get funky with your 2000s outfits. Personally, you’ll want to be sure of yourself when you enter those self-doubt cycles. 

Aquarius – imagination feeds the staycation!

Yo. The first three weeks of April landed in your communicative and communitarian third house. As of rn it is quite hard to go and be the social butterfly the stars are telling you to be. Zoom (and Skype for the oldies) are getting a bit tiring so it is your turn to be innovative about this. Suggestion: Join the virtual Beer Bar quiz on Monday!

April 7thbrings in Libra’s full moon in your zone of personal growth and positivity. Tap into all the resources you have online and get inspired. It is very possible you come up with a project that will drive your next few weeks. Heads up at this time because Mars and Uranus are at battle to shake your relationships. The best thing to do at this time is to mark your territory whilst listening to others – balance ahoy!

Midmonth the Sun gets quite social: Sun-Pluto square happens on the 14/04 and then the Sun-Jupiter square on the 15/04. Both will target your rationales and intuition which will blind your ability to be realistic. Move on from people who are pushing dodgy info at this time (especially after that HIVE April fools joke).

Taurus season starts on the 19thand with it brings a new moon on the 22nd. This new moon will be great for fresh starts, especially those concerning your personal life. A revamp to your home might be at heart here too, especially if you are stressing out because of moneyz, aka bring all your uni flat posters to your family home. This new moon will bring some ease.

The 25thstares Pluto’s day one of a five-month retrograde in your twelfth house of healing and the subconscious. As per usual, retrogrades resurface the past and these surrounding days will feel quite nostalgic (sad reacts only for those class HIVE nights).  Anyways, Pluto will def help you step back into healthy coping mechanisms, e.g. homemade pints of fun. 

Pisces – simplify your lyf, let it goooooo & slow the heck down.

Hey fish. Sun in Aries has landed in your second house of work and moneyz and daily routines. What a timing! The first three weeks of April will totally slowly but steadily ground your priorities.

I know you feel like merging this month and Zoom will help you do that (wink UofG students get premium for free wink). The full moon in Libra on the 7/04 will settle in your eighth house of power, intimacy and shared resources which might indicate any relationship that has been built since September might just be in for some grand (grand just reminded me of grad and then of University of York’s Club Penguin graduations???) transformations. Foggy Mars and Uranus are squaring on this day too which could create misunderstandings. Careful with impulsive lash outs – meditate and do some self-healing work, aka TIKTOKs.

Midmonth the Sun gets squary with Pluto on the 14/04 and Jupiter on the 15/04 in your collabs zone. These squares are catalysts for tension soooo let that stuff go just as you do when you drink that first pint of fun. The Taurus season starts on the 19thand brings in your social house. Yes, not ideal but it will force you to be creative with your communicating which will help you in the future. New moon on the 22ndsettles on your third house of media which might take you through some interactive, innovative projects. The 22ndis a great day to pitch your ideas.

Pluto begins its five-month retrograde on the 25thwhich will go through your tech and team eleventh house first. Collabs might be foggy rn and Pluto (wishing this was Mickey’s dog) will help you get some perspective. Think about UNIity here rather destroying one another. A very important hack rn is for you to get some kind of a digital detox if possible – sorry TikTok!

KEEP SAFE & HEALTHY! ‘Till next month star gazers!


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