May Missions, According to Your Horoscope

Since I’ve been low on alliterations (or so I think) this month will be dedicated to missions. Remember that spy you’ve always wanted to be when you were younger? Your time is now, in real life. OMG. Aaaand just a heads up, three retrogrades this month with big missions. As pages are small and horoscopes are divinely massive, here’s a sneak peek of your May Mission.

ARIES | Your mission is stability.

Eat, sleep, stay home, repeat? Or something like that for now. Yes Beer Bar quiz Mondays, Debating Tuesdays, sports’ Wednesdays, HIVE Thursdays and Open Mic Fridays were the motto of your weekly rhythm. You probably miss that and you also probably can’t wait to plan your future. 

The Sun in Taurus will be in your second house of work and security until May 20th so streamlining practicality and efficiency should take up most space rn. No doubt it has been hard for most of us, especially those with mental health issues, BUT every small step counts. Waking up, getting up is already something. 

The full moon on the 07/05 will be quite intimate and encourage you to focus on your projects rn – aka exams!! Anything important happened towards the end of October that perhaps is reaching its climax right now? Maybe you met that special someone in Halloween HIVE amidst the fire alarm chaos. 

Retrograde season begins on the 11/05 where Saturn, Venus and Jupiter begin their dominions. Venus will target your most inner, personal and intimate communicative third house from the 12th until June 25th. Use the praise sandwich and acknowledge that everyone is trying their best rn! Saturn starts its five-month retrograde on the 11/05 and makes you look at platonic connections within your inner circle. Times like these really show people’s vulnerability and multiple facets, which in terms of profession you should really look out for yourself not to be trapped in others’ bs whilst personally it is a time to fortify true friendships. Lastly but not the least, Jupiter is in the house from 14/05 until the 12/09 which calls you to take on a humble attitude.

Big spotlight in the men of your life mid-month onwards – someone from the past might emerge or maybe spending time with your dad/grandpa/brother is fortifying your relationship rn.

As the Sun shifts into Gemini on the 20/05 in your communicative and communitarian third house, you look up to better days with friends by your (distanced) side. The new moon on the 22ndmight be just the power you need to gage an idea, something which will def flourish in the next six months. Maybe you’ve just graduated and all your year abroad plans decayed and an idea might just bump you up again!

TAURUS | Your mission is to be practical and eat some b-day cake. 

Yello bull, it is your birth date so happy b-day y’all. So, for the first 3 weeks of May you, yourself and you will be at the centre of everythang. The Sun is highlighting your first house of passion and initiatives which encourages future planning, no matter how small a step you take each day. 

The full moon on the 07/05 is in your seventh house of commitment, ooft. Time for you to run a team Taurus audit and see who really sticks. Turning points may happen here, use them to your advantage and be on track especially because retrograde season starts on the 11th. Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will be rocking your finance & career boat. Re Venus, your ruler: your relationships might go a bit cray here (if they haven’t already with Miss Rona), your need to be cared for are explosive, and your finance might be upside down. How to deal with this? Look at the past and use what you learned there to prosper – remember that retrogrades rule the past. Re Saturn: it’ll be in your career realm until July 1stwhich will really help you dig into the next phase of your career. Saturn will also bring out any male figure that is significant during these retrogrades. Lastly, re Jupiter: this will rock your travel and adventurous zone which will bring in summer feels a bit early which at this time will be felt like summertime sadness, commechantLana del Ray. But, as the scrupulous Phineas and Ferb say: “The only thing impossible is impossibility” so get inventive!!

Motivation booms on the 20/05 as the Sun leaps into Gemini in your industrious second house. The new moon on the 22/05 will power this house by opening up a six-month-vibe that offers some prosperity. Remember you are the second zodiac sign in the second house so you are literally home so get workin’.

GEMINI | Mission to unwind. (*in a robot voice*)

Well hello and welcome to your magic lamp screening. Sun will be in Taurus in the first three weeks of May in your healing and closure zone, so go easy on yourself Gem. These past weeks have been cray so cut yourself some slack and rest for your b-daay!

Body-mind-spirit is the motto here where on the 06/05 the zodiac’s collective karma moves into your sign which means communication in relationships shall evolve and so will yourself as a leader. Day after, 07/05, is the full moon in Scorpio which lands on your wellbeing realm so get going and work on yourself.

As the month progresses, retrogrades do too from the 11/05. The first one ‘regressing’ will be Saturn: which will call up your big ideas and entrepreneur-self which might sound hard atm but supports your pivoting. Venus’ retrograde starts the day after in your first house of self so it’s all up n’ personal ngl. This calls for self-care, reflection and a stop on impulses. As MIKA says: “Relax, take it eeeeeeeeeasy”. Last but not least, Jupiter starts its regress on the 14th until September, calling you to be cautious within collectives – as the AstroTwins put it beautifully: careful who you get in bed with, both literally and figuratively

May 20th opens up your birthday season and soon after on the 22nd a new moon marks your new year so get going on setting those intentions (with some Bieber fever in the background if you are so inclined). Write it down, record it, look back and get that 20/20 vision.

CANCER | Mission to be a boss butt witch. 

First three weeks of May get you quite angsty like the atoms we see in school science as they’re getting hotter. Until at least the 20th of May, you’ll be craving company and as much as that is hard rn, be creative and give yourself that company – zoomy zoomy, walks at a distance, phone calls, wave at strangers, etc.

The full moon in Scorpio on the 07/05 will get your expression fairly jazzy which astrologically looks like a very high romantic point this year – fantasising about your crush/SO/someone yet? All the glamour here, so if you’re feeling in need perhaps post an artsy pic on insta or drop a mixtape. Grievances? Let them out in the open.

As you get your fellas’ en la misma pagina, three retrogrades start happenin’. It all starts with Saturn on the 10/05 until end of Sept in your supa intimate zone. Alliances, romantic, cross-campus, profesh or nah, might hit the fan and Saturn is here to help you fix the cracks. Then comes Venus spinning you off into love land causing you to reflect on your current relationship issues – remember retrogrades rule the past and maybe something is unresolved sista. Some kind of connection will be in evaluation this summer. Lastly comes Jupiter which is here to stay ‘till Sept and this bad boy only cares about you, you and you. Be a bit more self-reliant, slowly but steadily, with a heavy dose of self-care. 

As Gemini season arrives on the 20th, so does the first new moon on the 22/05. This will urge many AHA! moments so keep your distractions down low (to the flo), so you can read in between those lines of wisdom. Maybe it’s calling for a fresh start, maybe you realise there needs to be a shift.

LEO |Mission is goalz and goalz only.

[First of all, I have a feeling you and I might get married because as the benevolent Libra I am, I have strong feelings for leos – hi I’m Kika nice to meet you.] But yes moving on.

Sun is in Taurus in your realm of ambition and success until May 20th which as much as this sounds unachievable, it ain’t impossible. Yes not being with your pride (get it, ‘cause you’re a lion?) has been tough but you really need to focus on your projects. Get some structure and routine your days, consistency is the key to your goalz. 

The full moon on the 07/05 is highlighting your fourth house of domesticity which calls for some air clearance – anything you wanna roar leo? Solve them before the three retrogrades come and hit you hard from the 11/05. First retrograde is Saturn until Sept which will boom your commitments, relationship wise. Look for those boundaries. On that note, Venus comes next for six weeks and will reverse your friendships and tech – get those toxic people outta here. Your romantic and platonic peoples are in for a review and you are the reviewer – fun I know. Remember it ain’t your time to solve everyone’s problems but your own. Lastly, Jupiter is here in your house of organisation until mid-September and really wants to get your life in order. Within these MUST-DO (but harsh I know) reflections, Jupiter also encourages you to make peace with the present although it also brings some havoc.

Yes bleh, life sounds confusing rn. Income might be inexistent too which finding a part-time might be a good shout, even if it pays less, it is something. And from this fresh air comes Gemini season on the 20th and its new moon on the 22nd. This new moon will really help you plant the seeds for productive collabs, refresh your social media and get networking.

VIRGO | Mission to be serious(ly) curious. (I really wanted to make that rhyme)

Sun in Taurus until May 20thand it’s heating up your expansive side and makes you wanna move. I know shizzle’s harsh rn but have FAITH things will get better. Be curious this month and opportunities will want to reveal themselves. And take your bffs with you, teachers or anyone who can support a proactive mindset. Zoomy gets tiring I also know so take the chance to connect with your mind and nature. 

The full moon on the 07/05 in Scorpio will land your communication house soooo SAY IT before it’s too late. Anything you’ve been holding back, HOLD IT FORWARD AND TAKE A CHANCE. Brainstorm and write it down Virgo before retrogrades on the 11th begin.

Saturn starts its retrograde on the 11/05 with some self-care goodness in your realm of wellness. Time to manage your anxiety whilst listening to Phum Viphurit’s “Hello, Anxiety”. Venus comes next on the 14/05 until end of June which will spark your commitments, whether making you see the truth and aligning your boundaries or strengthening your bonds. Coupled? Maybe regress into those initial boundaries: WC door closed, occasionally sleeping separately, working in different house divisions, etc. Single? Reflect on your dating patterns? Lastly, Jupiter will join this retrograde-mania on the 14thuntil September in your fifth house of passion and pleasure and creativity. 2020 started with a love affair? Reconsider it if it is experiencing a comedown, are you willing to dive deep? Well, as my good friend tattooed her wrist: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As the Sun flies into Gemini on the 20th, so does your ambition. May 22nd brings in a new moon that will really gloss your goals, whatever you start now will manifest itself at the end of November!! Don’t let Miss Rona get to your head, manifest your intentions!!

LIBRA | Your mission motto is quality over quantity.

Yo my dearest. Taurus season will be up and running ‘till the 20th in your very intimate house. It’s the kinda quality over quantity time. Cut mood sucking humans off and get those prime fwends closer. Instead of the same shirt over again with the same colours, choose the shirt with best colour. This is also a motto when it comes to money organization, of the now and future. Lo entiendes?

The full moon on the 07/05 is Solange’s “Binz” energy. If your financials look like shizzle atm then this will be a day for opportunities. If you have the means then treat yo self TODAY. Very important to do because on the 11/05 there are three retrogrades that take up the scene. It all starts with Saturn’s retrograde on that day until September in your fifth house of amor. Take your time when it concerns relationships and brush off the dust of subdued passions (painting maybe?). Also don’t get freaky with the scissors and go from Rapnuzel to pixie cut (well I f***** it). Dedicate your time where your love truly lies. On this note Venus’ retrograde starts its six-week regress on the 13th until June which calls you to step back and reflect on your past relationships’ patterns. Engage with this with INTEREST AND CURIOUSITY and def not with judgement. Venus retrograde is def easier to cope with when you have inspiration. Retrograde-mania ends with Jupiter’s four-month adventure in your RESILIENCE – any corona-quarantine-conflict? This is the time to take a step back and communicate like a true Kim K Libra.

As Gemini season starts on the 20th so does your mobility, or lack of thereof, impatience. The new moon on the 22nd arrives comes and sweeps you away with a fantastic brain getaway, one that plants ideas only a true uofg world changer thinks of. You love to do good Libra and this will help you do so! It is time for you to start a puzzle, as time goes by you’ll the big picture.

SCORPIO | Mission: fortalece tus lazos.

Hello and please don’t sting moi. From the 0 and 100 you usually switch between, you’ll be at a 100 for collabs this month – Taurus season will master all the closest relationships and Gemini season will sprinkle over commitments.

You’ll start the month with the full moon in SCORPIO which will really make you focus on your personal goals. Anything you’ve been working on since your b-day could finally reach its climax, you might want to share your message with the world – whatever it is, you got some beams today. 

You’ll be glad you tuned on the full moon because from the 11th three retrogrades will be rocking your world. It all starts with Saturn’s run for your home base on the 11th, urging you to communicate compassion. It’s been truly intense and chaotic for a lot of us, needless to say frustrating. Don’t keep your truths inside or else they’ll actually turn into venom. (Living situation might change in the next couple months btw.)  Venus comes in on the 13th for about six weeks in your house of intimacy which will toss and turn your emotions. Time to forgive, forget, and most of all acknowledge why and what feelings are re-surfacing, especially those habits. Jupiter, that old adventurous one steps into your lyf on the 14th until September and presses ‘continue’ on that summer planning, creative projects, old friends and all else that seems impossible rn (Phineas and Ferb agree).

Starting on the 20th is Gemini season and with it comes the new moon on the 22nd – all in your intense and fairly intimate zone. If anything, this is a lunar liftwhich will spark the ways in which you can collab with others, review existing alliances and all in all create projects that will eclipse in November. 

SAGITTARIUS | Mission is to reflect on the silver linings and while you’re at it some self-care too.

Hey Sagi. The timing is right, let me tell you that. May is a month for the boredom for to be with you. Work on what you’ve got instead of jumping into new things. The first three weeks of the month will be the time for that.

May 7th brings you Scorpio’s full moon in your healing zone. Right so, you know you have the support in place, but you choose not to take it? Not the wisest decision Sagi. If you have unresolved issues get someone to talk to and you’ll def feel better. You will also allow yourself to be sooo free that you’ll be more creative and we both know you live by your creations. SELF-CARE, self-care!

You’ll be super duper happy you did that because apparently (search on Youtube: ‘apparently kid’ and you’ll know what I mean) there are three retrogrades on their way from 11/05. Venus is here for six weeks from this point which, ngl, might disrupt your inner circle as it lands in your realm of committed relationships. Someone from 2012 might resurface too jbtw (just by the way). What you can do? Get your boundaries straight. Saturn is also here but UNTIL SEPT and it will really sprinkle your communitarian-communicative self with growing pains. Saturn is not the pint of fun guy – great, I know (*Monica’s voice). Any projects you’ve been working on could be delayed here so save it until the moon-y planet finishes its retrograde. Lastly Jupiter in your house of work and income: you might need to return to an previous finance source, and that is OKAY. Simultaneously research into ways in which you can still present your stuff through the virtual world if your career has been hacked by Miss Rona. 

As Gemini season starts on the 20th it bang lands on your partnership house for one kind month. ‘Lean on Me’ is the tune to hear at this time to remind you that you have people you can rely on. The 22nd brings a new moon which points to a long-term commitment that will climax at the end of November – today could be the start of something new

CAPRICORN | Your mission is to love (cheesy I know).

Well hiya sea goat! As much as you take your 24h or 2-week exams seriously, this month’s mission is for you to seek harmony and love fairytale style! Until the 20th the Sun is in Taurus in your house of passions which calls for some celebratory dances.

The full moon on the 07/05 will hit your friendship zone, asking you to clear the air of any tensions. Receiving no reciprocal support from a friend? Listen to ‘Bad Blood’ by NAO and go to Genius to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Also anything that you’ve been working on since last year could culminate today. 

Bonds are strong? Cool, I’d hope so because retrogrades come on the 11th. Yes plural. Venus hits around that date for six weeks in your wellbeing house, bringing back any dust from the past, especially the one you seem really allergic too. Not cleaning under furniture doesn’t do it because all the dust you’ve swept under the rug will come back sprinting. As much as this sounds DISGUSTEN, it’s time for you to get your act together about certain things, put judgements to the side and work compassionately with Venus. On that note, Saturn starts its retrograde IN YOUR SIGN right on the 11th ‘till Sept 29th (something that won’t happen again until 2047 :O). Fine tune yourself, your projects and anything else pending. Jupiter comes in on the 14th until mid-Sept as well in your sign. Is Miss Rona disturbing your plans? Take a step back and pause for a second, timing is errythang. 

As Gemi season starts on the 20th in your house of all that’s business, wellbeing and organization. Working on a project? You’ll hopefully see some progress rn. The new moon on the 22nd will also support any plans you have!! Get some healthy food while you’re at it so that your brain cells can actually cooperate.

AQUARIUS | Mission is to relax take it eeeeeasy.

Tired of home watery sign? Well too bad, sorry. The first three weeks of May will probably be the homiest time of the year for you as the Sun travels through Taurus in your domestic house. SO at a distant? Fingers crossed your reunion will be soon and cozy.          

Taurus time is a good time to strengthen the emotional, financial and all materials foregrounds. Good thing is that on the 07/05 the full moon will sparkle your leadership, profession and LT plan realm. Sounds to me like you’re ready to get your hands dirty, if you’ve not achieved brilliance already (if you did then CHEERS!!). 

With those roots healthy you are ready for the three retrogrades happening. Saturn is the first to turn into retrograde on the 11th in your closure zone. Saturn is calling you to think about you and you only so cut out people-pleasing mode off. Any parts of your life that don’t really match the present you should be done and dusted. Venus then comes on the 13th for six weeks in your passionate and creative dimensionssss! Is there anything you can improve in your current relationship? Are there any exes making the ol’ comeback? Don’t propagate those comebacks and turn into artsy stuff instead. Lastly Jupiter makes an entrance on the 14th until September in your imaginative house. Jupiter is here to help you understand that forced things will bounce back to zero and that you really want to work on that closure you’ve been needing. Patience is a lesson this year (as you might have noticed). 

Fairytale mode is back on the 20th with Gemini’s season. Bring out your true positivity even if you truly believe you’re a pessimist (you know you can). Express yourself especially as the new moon on the 22nd beams your romantic side. Anything that starts, continues or stops in this new moon will show its fruits at the end of November. 

PISCES | Mission to miiiingle like a(n) (original) pringle.

Doesn’t sound to promising, I know. Buuuuuuuuut the Sun in Taurus is in your very communicative third house which points to mingling. Zoom, Facetime, or anything close to socializing is it. While you’re at it, engage with books and documentaries (Absurd Planet on Netflix is great.) – Taurus season is great for somewhat educational projects. 

May 7th brings in Scorpio’s full moon whiiiich will rock your house of travel and adventure (LOL). The villa you booked in Spain or Portugal ain’t making the cut so I suggest you to staycate or re-book your vaca. If you’ve been working on a special something, it might take a turn on this full moon. 

Got that sorted? Fewf, glad you do because three retrogrades are coming in on the 11th. First comes Saturn on the 11th in your restfully healing house. This will be a very good thing because you’re probably fairly deep into your emotions with all that’s happening, maybe you didn’t get the diss cloisters pic or a grad even. Saturn will be a good catalyst for dedication and motivation you’ll be able to focus on what needs done, both emotionally and practically. Venus will then regress in your domestic zone for six weeks, which as much of a keen bean or patient human you tend to be, times do get frustrating so do find your break space amidst your hectic home flats. Jupiter will lastly retrograde on the 14th until mid-September in your friendship zone, focus on supporting, inspiring and respecting each other through the time being.            

Domesticity will rule Gemini season as it begins on the 20th. As Venus will still be in retrograde, some changes in the household might occur – if you’re moving flats read G-You Magazine’s Moving Under Lockdown. A female relationship in your life will also be a headline now so walk the extra mile to mingle with her and strengthen your relationship, particularly on the 22/05 with Gemini’s new moon. Any plans made/started around this date concerning the homewill also potentially culminate in November.

Much love readers, take care

Kika ❤

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