Who’s down for some Lockdown Bingo?

Written by: Catherine Bouchard

As lockdown begins to lift across the globe, people are starting to emerge from their homes and into the outside world for the first time in weeks. Soon, lockdown will hopefully be a distant memory and a story to pass on to future generations. But before our lockdown lifts in the UK, let’s take a moment to remember what truly united us – all the things we did during lockdown as true Glasgow Uni students by counting up how many points you have from the list below!

1. Marathoned a series on Netflix: Given the unexpected extra time we have on our hands in lockdown, is it any surprise we all turned to our old faithful – Netflix. With all our free time, what better way to waste a day than watching a series on Netflix, only pausing to get a tub of ice cream out the fridge or make another drink. Lockdown life ain’t so different from normal student life! Bonus points if: You binged on Tiger King.

2. Instagrammed your home dissertation hand in: One of the saddest parts of lockdown for students is the way it deprived final year students of so many milestones, such as graduation and being able to instagram the perfect dissertation hand in photo. However, Glasgow Uni students excel in adaptability, as evidenced by the multitude of home dissertation hand in photos with laptop in hand. After all, why let a good outfit go to waste! Bonus points if: You photoshopped yourself into the cloisters.

3. Socialised on Zoom: Zoom – universally hailed as the true saviour of lockdown. Students have flocked to zoom for their socials, hosting everything from pints to pub quizzes on the online platform. Whether it’s rogue nicknames, dodgy connections or funny outfits, students have found a multitude of ways to keep life going via Zoom. Love it or hate it, Zoom remains a true quarantine icon. Bonus points if: You gave yourself a HIVE background.

4. Started running: Lockdown has given us the chance to take pause and reflect on our lifestyles. A lot of us have used the time to set goals, such as getting fitter. The increasing number of people posting their runs to Strava show the popularity running has gained, as people take the chance to venture outdoors and explore Glasgow on their daily exercise. Bonus points if: You started Couch to 5K.

5. Bought enough booze and snacks to last you a week: Following advice to limit our trips to the shop to the bare essentials, we’ve all tried to stock up on enough booze and snacks to last a week. Who can blame a stressed student for walking to buy pesto and emerging with a five pack of Sainsbury’s cookies? After all, our trips to the supermarket are the closest we’re getting to going ‘out out’ for the foreseeable future. Bonus points if: you ate your quarantine snacks within two days.

6. Gave yourself a hair cut:  From boredom bangs to lockdown buzzcuts, it’s all too tempting to give yourself a new trim in lockdown. At least lockdown gives you a convenient excuse to embrace your creative side from the comfort of your own home. Bonus points if: You dyed your hair.

7. Shared a lockdown meme: Lockdown memes tread a fine line between humour and morbidity, but are nonetheless a source of amusement and comfort in lockdown. Whether its Glasknow’s finest or a niche joke between friends, it isn’t really surprising we’ve turned to memes for comfort in a time of crisis. Bonus points if: You’ve shared a Wembley Lasagna meme.

8. Posted a story of your home exam set up: Following the announcement of online exams for a lot of us, our stories have been full of people posting their own set up for sitting exams at home and giving us a serious case of study goals. Featuring a rainbow of highlighters, the sunny outdoors, or just a cute dog, everyone’s set up is different! Bonus points if: You embraced tradition by posting a story of you celebrating with a drink after each exam. 

9. Taken up baking again: Baking can be a source of stress relief and comfort for a lot us, so it’s not surprising to see a return to baking our favourite childhood treats. Bonus points if: You baked banana bread.

10. Scrolled through old photos: Given our feeds have been looking pretty dry lately, we’ve taken to scrolling through old photos to remember the joys of being within two metres distance of our friends. Reminiscing on the good times is a beautiful way to kill a few hours of lockdown, and our feeds have seen more throwbacks than ever before. Bonus points if: You posted an old photo of you and the squad at uni.

11. Worked on your tan: With all the free time lockdown provides, what better way to spend a day than sitting by your window or in your back garden and working on your tan. Embracing the government approved daily walk also provides the chance to recover from being indoors all day at uni. Bonus points if: You took it too far and got sun-burned by mistake.

12. Got tagged in the 5k challenge: Being tagged in the 5km Challenge can either prompt the five stages of grief or allow you the chance to show off your inner athlete. At least it encourages us all to give back to the NHS or other meaningful charities such as Women’s Aid, when these organisations need us most of all. Bonus points if: You did another instagram challenge like the 30 day song challenge

13. Spent a fortune on online clothes delivery: What else would Glasgow Uni students do in lockdown other than shop? From books you’ll definitely read (later) or outfits to wear post lockdown, boredom online shopping is a truly dangerous habit – both for your bank account and the planet. Bonus points if: you ordered workout clothes that you only wore once.

14. Dialled in to an online lecture: Despite lectures moving online at the end of term, it is still impossible to make a 9am. Seeing lecturers try and work out how to screen share was brightened by being able to lie in bed all day – and being able to moan to your friends without getting judgemental stares. Bonus Points if: you forgot to mute your microphone/ turn video off.

15. Missed being on campus: We all miss uni to some extent. From the beautiful sight of the Boyd Orr or the somewhat less beautiful memory of climbing up eleven flights of stairs in the Adam Smith Building, campus memories remain strong in all of us. It truly was the best of times, and the worst of times. At least we can all agree none of us miss the trek up University Avenue. Bonus points if: You miss Beer Bar most of all.

In all seriousness, lockdown and the rapid changes we’ve seen to our lives can be incredibly stressful, especially set against continued pressure from exams and other areas. Any methods we choose for coping with this stress are valid and we shouldn’t feel bad about doing the things we love. Massive thank you to all the students taking time to volunteer in the community, donating to charity, making face masks or just looking after yourselves – can’t wait to see you all next year!

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