June Simple-Stupid-Star-Forecast

June Horoscopes: All you gotta know beforehand is that there will be 2 eclipses and 6 planets retrograding. BOOM wham-bam-shang-a-lang. This month the theme is simple-stupid (as my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Lynn used to say) – I will be simple and stupid (and silly too as always [and perhaps grammatically sloppy too]).


Rhymes with fairies. You must be a good person then! Get ready fairy Aries because this month brings in the shift you’ve been dying for (hopefully not actually dying, please take care) with two eclipses. Apart from that and six planets retrograding (in total from April-May), Gemini season will be here ‘till the 20/06 in your ideas-filled and communicative dimension.

First eclipse booms on the 05/06 in Sagi in your educational, expansive and entrepreneurial house. Missing any fuel for those projects that Miss Rona kind of burned off? Well this eclipse has got you covered. You might also start planning some kind of relocation, perhaps not tomorrow but after things clear up. Anyways, this eclipse will also serve to question A LOT of things, so start testing your belief system.

On the 18/06 Mercury gets its retrograde goin’ in Cancer in your fourth house of domesticity, until mid-July. Any emotions hidden will sprout like a healthy plant so make sure that all communication channels are clear for transit. Also ensure your tech is protected and Gucci. 

June 20th brings in a summer solstice and the day after is Cancer’s new moon – uuuh sounds interesting. Big changes and fresher than fresh starts will be LIT at this time. Back on the relocation talk, if you are planning to do this, from these days plans could get REAL. Anything you’ve been working towards might also present its finale with the end of the two-year Cancer-Capri series eclipse. 

The 22nd also starts Neptune’s retrograde which attacks your imaginative and healing realm – keep your guard UP. And with your guard up, on the 27thMars lands in Aries until January which gives you the buzz to be project-driven as well as romantically sexy.

Last but not least, June 30th Jupiter and Pluto meetup in your career zone. Anything that happened in the beginning of April might resurface. Get the puzzle pieces together and plan out your big breakthrough!


People time!!! This month there will be two eclipses (apart from the six retrograding planets lol) which will boost your communication and community feels. Do I hear “hooray”!? Gemini season goes until the 20th of June which will warm up your productivity and stability!! Sounds good? It’ll be a hard-working month so get ready to get your hands dirtay.

June 5th brings in the first lunar eclipse in Sagi in your eighth house of intimacy, merging and long-term finance. Here you’ll either experience a turning point OR closure, be it financial or romantic. Maybe try investing somewhere or create passive revenue sources? This eclipse will surely throw you to one of the sides of the fence.

If this eclipse put you in collabs, 18/06 will boost them when Cancer and your communicative house get lit. In fact, expansive Mercury will propagate this talk, but in a tricky manner. Cautious with your media and with your tech. Good thing? As retrogrades rule the past, something might resurface and you’ll get it done and dusted. And speaking about dust and onto germs, make sure you get the alcohol gel, hands cleaned, and appropriate distance. 

June 20th starts Cancer season and the day after is its new moon (other eclipse) which might cause you to suddenly change perspective on something. It is very possible that this something has to do with either travel or relocation so be ready to commit! 

Coming onto retrogrades… Neptune starts its own on the 22/06 which will call you to do a friend detox – who’s really on your team? Don’t feel like doing that Zoom hang? Then just don’t. Take time for yourself.

From late June until January, Mars will be in Aries in your healing home. Solitude and self-care are key here. Get in contact with a therapist or any other resource that will help you delve into this spiritual time – you’ll want to take advantage of it, believe me!

The month ends with a Jupiter and Pluto meet marking it a great moment for transformation, something that goes quite well with Mars. Be open-minded here and don’t be afraid of feeling vulnerable. Be curious about yourself and what you are capable of doing and not judgemental.


Yello ya gem, it’s ya burfday. This month two eclispes are on the menu which will evidently change some stuff related to work and collabs. And as Selena rightfully puts it: if you’re ready come n’ get it. It’ll be your season until the 20thwhich will be accompanied by Venus’ retrograde – time to say some truths in a peacekeeping, Gem way. Apart from Miss Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will be in retrograde as well as Mercury and Neptune for the second half of June. This will make the pace of the month a bit like Hiit training – slow, fast, slow, fast. So ya homework for the start of the summer is to take care of your relationships so that your collabs and finances are balanced and strong.

The first eclipse will be lunar on the 05/06 booming, guess where? Your partnership house! Ofc. There will be turning points, but as you might’ve gotten already, anything and errything will be out in the open. If a relationship ends, personal or business, worry not, it’s probably for the better.

The second half of the month shines on your job and finances with the Sun moving into Cancer territory in your second house on the 20th. Mercury will be in town here and will trick your technology and communication sides until mid-July. My advice for Mercury is to watch out what/who resurfaces from the past AND if you’re financially struggling to renegotiate with whoever you’re owing money to – Miss Rona has brought out a lot of the good-faith in people after all.

But don’t close your eyes just yet. The solar eclipse in Cancer on the 21st will conjugate with the new moon in Cancer on the 20th making it a powerful couple of days for a finale of some project you’ve been working on or/and transform your finances. Neptune goes on to start its retrograde on the 22nd (woah what a domino!) in your realm of LT-goals and career. Don’t burn out just because it’s the first week you’ve been in the office/café in the last two months. Take it easy and know where you’re headed.

On the 27/06 Mars will being its Aries trip in your house of team and tech which will spark creative, collaborative and innovative ideas. Just be careful in not rushing (AGAIN)! This end of the month accumulates with Jupiter and Pluto meeting up for a coffee and making power moves in your intimacy, wealth and control (something from the beginning of April might re-spark here). Yum!


What up? The two-year transformational cycle (from July 2018) you’re about to end is about to happen and RSVP for the 21/06. Congrats grad! In addition, there’ll be to eclipses to speed things up, toss them around and hopefully not leave you with a frown!! And to add some more spice, six planets will be retrograding this June so time for unfinished business!

Whilst the Sun is still in Gemini season it’ll be resting in your house of rest 😉 n’ healing. Gr8. You need some self-care before eclipses, retrogrades and all that jazz bump into you. Don’t go rushing out because restrictions have been lifted and you’ve finished exams. Almost like dieting: why do you binge if food doesn’t have legs to run away?! Moderation crab!!

The Sagi lunar eclipse on the 5th will land in your house of health & organisation & work. Chaotic plans? You don’t know where to start. Map it out. I know you’re all for spontaneity but sometimes planning does not hurt. This will also help you de-clutter anything that is not helping you move forward. 

Two days before it’s ya season, Mercury enters retrograde in your sign which will cause (like always) miscommunications so careful on the talking and hold on to any AC (after corona) launches. Your season starts on the 20th! Hooray! On the 21st the solar eclipse brings the cycle I aforementioned to a close. Everything that happened between July 2018 is rounding up, meaning that fresh starts, new projects or ideas are in order. Neptune joins the domino with its retrograde start on the 23rd (which will be lasting all the way until Nov.). Don’t preach what you can’t practice, nor offer what you can’t commit to. 

June 27th marks Mars’ trip through Aries in your career and LT trips realm. On the previous note, don’t take on too much just because you’re ecstatic that restrictions are loosened. Boundaries should stick. Moving on to the 30th, Jupiter and Pluto meet up in your seventh house of committed relationships causing you to revisit some jazz. (I love jazz!!). Oh well, speak the truth!


As Rafiki had manifested, look into your heart Leo. This month will be busay – two eclipses and six planets on retrograde, OOFT. You’ll be front stage and centre so get ready to shine. Fostering some passion and probably resurfacing (what you thought were) long-lost loves is Venus retrograde until June 25th. Summer flings, I love them!! (If you’re trying to have a baby then it’s an optimal time!). Time to make up for the lost time!

Side note: Mercury is in town from the 18/06 until mid-July which might clutter all that has to do with technology, teamwork and travel so keep your guard up for this time.

The domino energy-crash starts on the 20th when Cancer season is lit. You’re probably used to it since June is usually quite sleepy for ya. It all begins with a new moon on that same day in your restful and solitary dimension. Get your sleep and take care because the second eclipse arrives on the 21/06 in that SAME dimension. Hopefully you’ve been in touch with your body & mind much more since this has been a recurrent theme these past two years. What’s good? This dimension really plays with your intuition which makes it such a symbolic time to be nostalgic, forgiving and all in all supportive of yourself. To finish off the domino, Neptune starts its retrograde on the 23rd in your intimate yet collaborative house – who’s the peanut-butter to your jelly? If you feel you’re not getting enough support here, speak out (gently). 

Mars begins a journey through Aries on the 27/06 in your very expansive house. This visionary moment might really spark entrepreneurial and educative moments. And to add on to this expansive moment, Jupiter and Pluto meet up for brunch on the 30th which calls for you to be as expansive as possible within your own capacities at the moment. Don’t overpack when you know you have a weight limit. There are so many opportunities, don’t worry!!


Future and relationships, combine them together and that’s your most of your month of June. Gemini season is in town until the 20thand the Sun is hitting your LT-goals & plans realm. It’s been a tough few months but now is the time to wake up and plan the summer’s bustle n’ hustle.  

June 5th starts with the first eclipse of the month in your domestic house. Anything from moving flats to buns in the oven and other big living situation change is on the map. Female relatives may also be around this date, in fact around this time your relationship with your parents might be lit – even if they’ve gone to heaven or an afterlight, you might connect with them in other ways. The unexpected could also boom atm.

The second half of the month lights up the sector of friendships and collabs. The domino starts on the 20/06 when the Sun shifts into Cancer season and a new moon shines. Time to connect with your friends as restrictions loosen up! Watch out though, Mercury will be in retrograde since the 18/06 so there might be miscommunications (especially with people from the past) – you forgot your mask or someone didn’t understand what social distancing actually meant, aghh! Worry not, just confirm (a million times) before actually doing something. June 21st brings yet another new moon which will supercharge your collabs – who are you meeting today? They’re important. Just don’t get too involved too quickly just because of Mercury. These eclipses are a grand two-year series so you might just recognise how open-hearted and compassionate as well as authentic person you’ve become (hopefully). You also probably have a better sense who’s worth it by now. To end this domino, Neptune starts regressing on the 23rd until NOVEMBER through Pisces in your house of partnerships which might make you rethink a connection that started just before or even during this pandemic. Venus is also in the house so it’s probably romantic.

On the 30th Jupiter and Pluto hang out together in Capri in your fifth house of passion, creativity and self-expression – talk about feelings huh. This meet-up happened earlier in April so look back and see what might resurface or perhaps plot-twist. Anything that seems negative rn, try to work it out so that when Pluto and Jupiter meet again you’ll be as jolly as ever. 


Home has been a big one Libra (I SAY!). The first half of June offers a very visionary, ‘big picture’ & friendly vibe, although Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Venus are ALL in retrograde. So yeah, the Sun will be in your expansive realm during Gem season. (as if that all made logical sense, lol)

June 5this the first eclipse of the month and lands in your communicative and idea-full dimension. Someone can show up and rock your synergies for some potent dynamics. Maybe a new techy project or some special news are coming your way.

The second part of the month? From June 18th Mercury and Neptune join the retrograde-mania so make sure you plan your good ideas BEFORE miscommunications could start happening. Any hard work will be acknowledged as the Sun moves into Cancer on the 20th so do take the time to recognise yourself and your achievements (and a new moon on this day is pushing you closer to your goalzzzzz, exciting)!! The 21st lights up a new moon in Cancer which will land in your status-boosting zone – even if out of your line of work, why not try out a new job opportunity? 

Back on Mercury talk, don’t rush to sign anything off if you’re not sure because this retrograde will be here until mid-July and knowing Merc, you should back yourself and investigate any opportunity first.

Speaking of Neptune, its retrograde will be on from June 23rd until November in your health and organisational house. It’s summer after all (and we’re mid pandemic) so prioritise your wellbeing first and foremost so that you’re a boss at managing your stress during this cycle. Your support system should be intact throughout as well.

Venus ends its retrograde on 25/06 which might call for some lovey-dovey peoples in your space. After all that’s been going on you might feel like you want to make everything insta-official, but remember Mars is in town soon and it ain’t supportive of rash decisions. Follow your gut.

Any partnerships will BOOM on the 27th as Mars flies through Aries in your committed-relationships zooone until Jan. This is quite an ‘open’ zone, so you might feel you’re fighting more with your SO or business partner, yet the more you put it out in the open and clear it out, the stronger this partnership will become.

Last but not least, June 30th brings in some changes in your personal life as Jupiter and Pluto meet up for some coffee. Look back to the beginning of April and see what might resurface here. Your living situation is def a target here. Also, any emotions you’ve been keeping under the rug might simmer now so make sure you don’t projectile-vomit-it-out.


You’ll grow like a flower and build like a (productive) construction site. There will be two eclipses in your financial and risky zone which might turn your luck upside down (in a positive way) and six planets on retrograde :O. All in all, the first part of the month in Gem will be in your private yet merging realm.

June 5th springs in the first eclipse into your home of work and moneyz, bringing in much opportunity for a better fit. Big transformations re confidence and intimate relationships.

Mercury will be ruling your travel house until mid-July from the 18/06. Whilst bans are lifted, you might go further than your kitchen! Just don’t rush out the door and forget to tell your SO. Be honest with yourself and others BUT FILTER your words too.

As Cancer season starts on the 20th you’ll be in your expansive realm. The new moon here will be very honest and will allow you to fly like a bird. June 21st brings yet another new moon in Cancer. Another push into your desires and visions. Perhaps a desire to ‘be free’ has been present since July 2018? These days will mark the finale of that cycle. How do you want to end it? Finishing up this domino is 23/06 with Neptune turning retrograde in your romantic and creative home. Things might seem foggy rn, especially after quarantining with people within a lack of space. Get your air and space rn so that you can return mindful.

The month starts its end on the 27th with Mars through Aries in your house of wellness and organisation. BE VERY CAUTIOUS here. Slow down, don’t drive too fast, drink too many VKs, use gel, mask and all that jazz. Do things right so that you are clean and healthy. The 30/06 finishes the month with your sociability – Pluto and Jupiter meet up and talk about your self-expression and your friends. Maybe there’s something you want to voice rn and you have a friend who directs a podcast? It’s like adding 1+1.


A WHOLE NEW WOOOOOOOORLD. There’s an eclipse in your sign this month!!!! (this doesn’t happen since May 2013!!) June will be GRAND for ya. Your closest will be tested with Venus retrograde until late June and if you’ve got a new post-Rona contract then check it twice and sign it before Mercury turns retrograde on the 18/06. Do you feel a bit more tired than usual? Gemini is the sign opposite from you so it is normal. That is another reason why the people on your team have to be A++++++.

June 5th presents a lunar eclipse in your goal- and passion-oriented house. The words ‘me’ and ‘we’ rhyme for a reason! Recalibrate those bonds. Mercury’s retrograde on the 18th emphasises this as it starts slowly (but steadily). Anything bothering you? Search for those triggers with CURIOSITY and no JUDGEMENT. Also with Mercury you need to be a lil careful with your technology so back it all up on those clouds.

June 20th starts Cancer season as well as a new moon in your house of intimacy, merges and shared resources. It’s okay if you don’t feel like you want to rush out the door as soon as restrictions are loosened. Be in your zone, all is good! June 21st brings another new moon with great financial and intimate links. Perhaps since July 2018 you might be recalibrating your relationships and values. What can you reflect on that? Plus on the 23/06 Neptune enters retrograde-mania which might reveal some relationship issues with a female relative? Perhaps do something outside the home to get your bonds stronger. If you’ve been caretaking or living alone during the quarantine then you might be falling towards isolation BUT make sure your social contact continues – balance is everything!

The 27/06 will show Mars into Aries into your house of romance, self-expression and luuuv. Big spotlights on you here so any passions might spark here. And you know what? Flaunt all your curves and edges!! Be you! Mars will be here until January so use it wisely!

June 30th will take in Jupiter and Pluto for a meet up in your realm of work and finances. Rewind to the beginning of April and that might give you a clue of what might resurface. Maybe you need to save up, or clean up your debts – who bought you those pints of fun so many nights ago? Be willing to change the way you do business.


The waiting game. You know you love it. June will be all about conserving your energy and letting life flow. Pluto and Jupiter will be in retrograde in your sing until Sept/Oct. which might be fairly introspective. Your ruling planet, Saturn (aka my fav planet!!!!) will also be in retrograde until the same time along with Venus which is all the reason for you to take your time.

Let’s get down on what’s important: Mercury will be in town from the 18th which rules all your cut-outs. Doesn’t serve you? Cut it out. Anyone from your past might resurface (classic) too.

As Cancer season starts on the 20th so does a new moon on your partnership area. And another moon right the next day on the 21/06. Commitments will be on review, what duo adventure will you go on next? Doesn’t matter if it’s only to the Botanics, as long as you’ve got each other and somewhere other than the kitchen. Events near this date might make a re-appearance later on next month. There’ll be some continuity too, so not that a new person might show up, but new advancements with someone already there is what I’m saying! This is especially true as Neptune goes on retrograde from the 23/06 in your house of communication. Maybe quarantine just showed you how much specific people in your life you don’t actually need. And that’s okay!

In terms of home – on the 27th Mars goes through Aries in your domestic zoooone. Here you’re either prego (aka bun in the oven aka pregz) OR you’re just with cabin fever. Probably the latter may I confess. Alone-time is the answer here Capri!!

Independence becomes key as you can see (another rhyme point for moi). As Jupiter and Pluto meet-up in your sign and call for all opportunities. Any unfinished byzzbacks (aka business)? Clean that dust and get workin’!! It’s okay to revisit the past as long as you do it curiously and not with too many oz of judgement.


It’s your aquarium and we are just the fish living in it!! Saturn (aka my fav planet in the universe) will be visiting your sign (last time 1994, were you born? :O) and transforming your identity and all that is up and personal.

What’s important this month? Until June 20th the Sun is lighting Gemini season with lots of sunbathing in your lust-life-zone. Get creative with your SO or with any possible sprummer (spring+summer) fling (I kind of feel Spring and Summer just got combined in one go this year). No HIVE anymore not many developments in your romantic career? I get you. 

From the 18th you’ve got a lot goin’ on. Mercury turns to retrograde-mania on the 18th which might help you give big ‘clean up’ vibes. It’ll super duper help you get a sense of tranquillity. Also ensure you back up your tech and wear mask n’ gelz. Coming on the 20this Cancer season in your house of organisation and wellness for one month. Quarantine has been tough and the best way to keep up was to take it easier. Time to get back on the wagon of living life!! Get your priorities in order and your GOOD habits on too (sorry Beer Bar). 21st continues the domino with a new moon in Cancer making you probably desire some ‘normality’ and self-improvement – very doable so think about how you’ll do this! This new moon will really encompass the weight of all that’s happening since July 2018 – accept the things you cannot change but being active about what you can change are the words of wisdom that shine bright here. To end the domino, on the 23rd Neptune enters retrograde in your dimension of work and moneyz. Very big focus on budgeting here: what can you do to help your life’s financials? Perhaps one day passing around your CV ain’t cutting it, maybe being more insistent now that things are calming down (covid-wise) is a good chance for that summer commitment. If you do do this, make sure you’re coming from a place of kindness and not so much an aggressive urge. 

June 30th ends the month with a Jupiter and Pluto meet in your healing house of closure and rest. Look back to the beginning of April (04/04 to be exact), does anything spark there that still needs some work? Work on it. When Jupiter and Pluto meet again in November you’ll have this cleared up for sure, as long as you’re proactive about it.


Hey lil fish. The Sun in Gem is in your house of home (lol) until June 20th and Saturn is in Aquarius in your home of solitude n’ healing. Sounds like quarantine didn’t come at such a bad time, did it? Maybe you’re still healing from that last pint-of-fun-caused hangover. Whatever it is, it’s a good time to heal.

This month’s rhythm really accelerates from the 18th onwards. Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th (woo) in your very theatrical dimension which could trigger exes or old projects. Whatever it is, take care of it so it doesn’t ‘haunt’ you no more. On the 20th Cancer season arrives with a new moon and quite the appetite for adventure in your house of passion and self-expression. Any flirtationz going on? If so, speak out how you feel and you might be corresponded. If you’re not single, then work on getting more “new” activity going. Spice it up! 21/06 picks yet another new moon which will trigger the same realms. You really have admirers knocking at your door and you know it so don’t act so surprised! It is an excellent moment for you to reflect on how the dynamics of your relationships have evolved! To end this domino, on the 23/06 Neptune goes retrograde which calls you to line up all your priorities.

The month ends with the 30th and a Pluto-Jupiter meet. These two are planning your teamwork and tech so you might see action happening around those corners, especially collabs and activism. Look at April 4th and see what you can dig up from that day that might be resurfacing in this meet.

As much as I love you readers, it is time for a horoscope-summer-break (I’m loving hyphens rn) before my writing becomes even sloppier. Worry not, I will come back in September. Much love and take care ❤


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