G-You is the official magazine of Glasgow University Union. The magazine, run and edited by the Libraries Committee at GUU. It is published once a month and is available online at http://www.issuu.com/guui as well as around University campus. This website contains articles written for the magazine and others written purely for online purposes. From political comment pieces to music reviews – we have it all!

Have a browse, read some of our awesome stuff, then follow us because we’re great.

Comments and feedback welcome, we want to write what you want to read!

Contributor meetings are held every Wednesday @ 5:30pm in the Drawing room in the GUU. They are most certainly open to everyone, so come along and get involved!! If you’re interested in getting involved in the meantime, please email libraries@guu.co.uk or join our Facebook Contributors page which can be found in our G-You Facebook page.

Although the official magazine of the Glasgow University Union, the views expressed are that of the author and not of the Union.

Charity no. SC003808

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