Online Activism

This summer, as I scrolled through my Instagram and I watched people’s stories, I saw people posting pictures feverously about Sudan, Yemen, Rhinos, the Amazon, etc. I suddenly got flashbacks and began to cringe as all these campaigns reminded me of Kony 2012 – an online video campaign to raise awareness of the war crimes … More Online Activism

Ok, Boomer

The curious phenomenon of the generation war. Justice, ageism or just a joke? For most of us the phrase came to light as a quip by MP Chlöe Swarbrick in the New Zealand Parliament (November 2019), a response to a fellow ‘boomer’ MP’s disbelief that she would only be 57 in 2050. While this thrust … More Ok, Boomer

December Horoscopes: How Will Your DF Plan Out

Welcome back to my channel! For this festive month of December the stars will forecast your DF story. General pointers: the 27th this month is, according to our beloved astrologists, the luckiest day of the year with Sun and Jupiter’s unification AND this year closes with the prime five (Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the … More December Horoscopes: How Will Your DF Plan Out