A Bad Influence(r)

Nina Munro gives her opinion on the Myka Stauffer adoption controversy   Written by: Nina Munro I press play. Almost immediately, a whiney American voice greets me. She’s crying, he’s crying. So far, I think the video is of influencers announcing their divorce as they seem so concerned with themselves. The video, entitled “An update on … More A Bad Influence(r)

Trips to the Past: A Love Letter to Berlin, Grace

During lockdown, with the prospect of travel seeming further away than ever before, a lot of us will be feeling an extra strong sense of wanderlust and nostalgia for our past trips and adventures. G You is happy to present a series of travel writings reminiscing on our community’s favourite and most meaningful trips to … More Trips to the Past: A Love Letter to Berlin, Grace


Written by: Imogen James I just wanted to write a short foreword before you read this piece. The Black Lives Matter movement is something that has always been close to my heart. I was lucky enough to be educated in school about the Civil Rights Movement, the Slave Trade, and all the bad parts in … More selfish

Black Lives Matter: Listen, Educate and Amplify.

Disclaimer: Although the official magazine of the Glasgow University Union, the views expressed are that of the author and not of the Union. The G-You Magazine will always use our platform to advocate for justice and equality. We stand with the University of Glasgow in condemning all forms of racism and discrimination. The team has … More Black Lives Matter: Listen, Educate and Amplify.